Spirit City: Lofi Sessions – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Spirit City: Lofi Sessions?

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a cozy gamified focus tool, set to a soothing lofi soundtrack. Discover and collect Spirits, customize your virtual space, and facilitate your real-life tasks with a collection of handy features designed to improve concentration and ease stress.

Q: What is a gamified focus tool?

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions combines elements of gameplay with productivity features. The game is designed to stay open while you concentrate on your daily tasks, such as working or studying. It falls somewhere between an idle game and a productivity tool.

Q: What platforms will the game be available on?

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is currently planned for a PC release on Steam

Q: When will the game be released?

You’ll be able to play the game on April 8th, 2024! For now, you can try it for free with the demo!

Q: How much will the game cost?

We haven’t announced a price yet, but we want Spirit City: Lofi Sessions to be an affordable and accessible experience for everyone. We are aiming for around 10$ USD.

Q: Will the game be available for Mac?

We’ve had lots of requests for a Mac version, and we hear you! At the moment we cannot promise anything, but we are investigating the possibility of a Mac release. It will not be available at launch though, as we are focused on first delivering the best possible PC version.

Q: Will the game be available for iPad / Android / Mobile devices?

At the moment there are no plans for porting the game to mobile devices. We are always considering different opportunities, but for release we are focusing on the PC version.

Q: Is the music safe to stream on Twitch, Youtube, etc?

Yes! All the music playlists in game are stream-friendly. No need to worry about copyright strikes. Please keep in mind that music from the web player is not streamable, since that is music streaming from the web.

Q: Will there be Spotify integration?

While we appreciate the idea of Spotify integration, it’s currently beyond the scope of our capabilities. The game features a built-in web music player that we believe will provide near limitless music options!

Q: Will there be integration with Gmail, Todoist or other productivity suites?

At the moment we don’t have any plans for this sort of integration, it would be quite difficult for us to implement. We aren’t creating Spirit City: Lofi Sessions to replace more powerful tools, but to be a compliment to your daily habits.

Q: What are the post-release plans for the game, will there be updates, DLC or extra content?

We absolutely want to support the game post release with additional content! We have plans for free updates and DLC down the road. Stay tuned for more information after launch.

Q: Will there be Steam Workshop support for user-generated content?

At the moment there are no plans for Steam Workshop or modding support, but post launch we are always considering possibilities.

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