Pandemic Train – Official FAQ

We prepared a list of frequently asked questions, so you have the most important information available in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are available in the game?

We have localized games in English, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. If you’re a fan and want to translate the game into more languages, let us know.

Do I have to fight in the game?

You can, but you don’t have to! There is a lot of exploration involving fights, but you can choose the option to auto-fight and afterward just explore the lifeless station with all enemies defeated by the AI (if you were properly prepared for the fight, of course!).

Do I have to kill any dogs in the game? Can I pet the dog in Pandemic Train?

You don’t have to kill dogs or cats in the game. Actually, you will be saving them as part of the leaders’ side quests if you only pick them up in the HQ.

What can I do in the game?

  • You can manage your train and production there, cook food, make water drinkable, produce medications for the crew, raise chickens, or go to the bar and have a good time.
  • There will also be some random events requiring you to make a decision that will affect others.
  • You will also explore and fight your enemies… or you can use the auto fight option if you prefer to have a more relaxing gameplay without stressing about the proper sneaking and aiming. Whatever you prefer 🙂
  • Depending on the leaders you take with you on the journey, you will be able to find maps with various side quests related to each leader’s story.
  • Always check the road ahead on the map to see which of the roads you should take to reach a certain amount of resources or specific characters and dialogues.
  • Finally, upgrade your HQ, recruit more leaders, and complete the next runs through Europe to find the cure!

Can I play Pandemic Train with a gamepad?

We recommend playing Pandemic Train with a mouse and keyboard as aiming with gamepads might be difficult. Playing with a gamepad is not recommended by us – please, have that in mind.

Why does the game look different than in the first trailer?

Since the first trailer was published, the game’s concept changed significantly. It’s not just about managing the train, it’s also about exploring the wastelands.

However, the graphic style seems like the biggest difference. The dev team wanted to distance the game from the graphical resemblance to This War of Mine art, which didn’t come to our minds when we first developed the trailer. As it turned out, when we announced the game, the first trailer was compared with TWOM a lot. We love playing TWOM and have a huge respect for its developers, therefore, we didn’t want people to say that we’re doing TWOM on board the train. We also wanted to show that Pandemic Train is a completely different game, therefore, changed the art style of the game.

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