Combat Master – Farming Guide

The map, settings, loadout, and location that nets the highest xp per match.

How to Get 120k XP Per Game

A Preview of the XP Farm

Want to do this too? I’m here to help.

Your Primary

Although you could use any guns you wish to level up, if you want the highest Account XP & BP XP per match, you will need to use a certain type of primary gun:

An Assault Rifle with long range will net you the highest score per minute, as explained later in the guide. You need to reach 30 damage per shot at max range for one-shots. Luckily, it’s very easy to reach this threshold.

Sig MCX (Ready at level 1)

With the free Ukraine Box you get the “Kholodndyi Yar” preset in your armory. Equip it and change the muzzle for Tactical Suppressor (also included in the box). That along with the pre-equipped Virtus Marksman barrel is all you need, although the other pre-attached mods also work great for XP farming.

M4 (Requires early unlocks)

Equip the Tactical Suppressor muzzle and the Hogue Heavy Extended barrel (unlocked ~lvl10) to meet your range needs.

AK47 (Strongly not recommended)

Even with the Tactical Suppressor muzzle, either 23″ RPK or 18.2″ Vepr barrel, and the 5.45 30-round mag, you will not get the longest range one-shots. Due to this and the high recoil, smallish mag, and potentially late unlocks, I advise using one of the other Assault Rifles unless you specifically want to farm XP for the AK.

For your weapons I strongly advise using a large 50+ round magazine, as larger magazines = higher total ammo. A 3-4x scope and recoil reducing mods are beneficial as well.

Game Settings

Setup a custom game that is a Hardcore Deathmatch on Power Station with 10 players, Player Markers, Level 1 bots, and your duration of choice. I prefer 13 minutes since it minimizes the number of resets needed.

Hardcore is mandatory for the most points, as one-shot bonus points and lower time-to-kill will net more XP.

This is when I activate all boosters before starting the game. Click your name in the top right corner to activate them, then click the back arrow in the top left to return to the lobby with all your settings intact. The timer counts down even when you’re not playing, so I tend to save them for right before I start.

The Location

In the back end of the Power Station map you’ll find a corner with an amazing sight-line that bots rarely shoot you at. Crouch down in that corner (slightly away from the brick wall so that you can see straight down the path) and you’ll be mostly safe. The most dangerous part is getting there.

The area you’ll be looking down is flooded with bots and you can one shot all of them using the previously mentioned guns. This nets you the “one shot, one kill” bonus score, and you can often get “long range” or head-shot on top of multi-kill kills for extra points.

All of these points, and kills, quickly add up netting you the highest xp rate in the game. All while you sit back and do very little work.

You may occasionally die from stray fire, while reloading, or the occasional enemy that you didn’t notice was targeting you, though this is relatively rare. Once you get the hang of it, you can expect around a 20x kdr, though that can be brought down with bad re-spawning luck.

Try to conserve ammo, but with large mags you’ll be good for a long time.

Good luck and happy farming!

Video Version of Guide with Easy Setup

I never said I was a good shot.

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