Hellboy Web of Wyrd – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t (Character) in the game?

This is a licensed game, which means that we have VERY specific permissions on who we can and cannot include. For example, we ARE allowed to use Hellboy.

Also, story-wise, the game takes place before the first issue of Hellboy, so a lot of your favorite Hellboy characters haven’t even met Hellboy at this point. But, truly, it’s more of a licensing thing.

Who are these BPRD characters?

They are original characters made specifically for this game. Why? Again, licensing.

Can I change Hellboy’s outfit/skin/look?
Not right now.

Is there mod support?

No. But you do have our support, in the emotional sense.

Is there a physical release planned?

There is! We’ll have an announcement on that soon.

How soon?

Prior to the heat death of the universe.

Why couldn’t I pre-order the game?

We’re a small team (we could fit comfortably in a passenger van) and setting up pre-orders adds a lot more paperwork than we had the bandwidth for. You gotta get approvals, there’s all these fees, legal stuff, it’s a whole scenario.

Will you have DLC in the future?

We’ll have more news on that in the coming weeks!

What platforms is this game out for?

PC via Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

Why is the game not coming out on (xyz platform)?

Publishing a game on a platform is a complicated process that takes time. It’s possible that the game will release on more platforms in the future, but for right now, the above listed platforms are what we’re sticking with.

Do I need to read/have read the comics to enjoy this game?

Not at all. Think of this game as a “one shot:” it’s set in the Hellboy universe before the very first issue of the comics, but the Web of Wyrd story doesn’t have any bearing on the canon.

Where can I read the comics?

Your local comic book store, or via the handy Dark Horse Comics app!

Who voices Hellboy?

Lance Reddick


We really like Lance Reddick.

How involved was Mike Mignola on this project?

We made sure we got Mike’s blessing on the whole thing. But he didn’t write the story.

I don’t like this game.

That is totally okay. We’re sorry that you feel that way, but we entirely respect your tastes.

I don’t like you, the developer/publisher, personally.

That is also okay. If you hung out with us, you might be singing a different tune. But then again, maybe not. Life is like that, sometimes.

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