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What is Lightyear Frontier?

Lightyear Frontier is an open-world farming exploration game with crafting, resource management & base building, wrapped in a mystery-driven narrative with a cosmic country soundtrack!

When is Lightyear Frontier launching?

Lightyear Frontier launches into Early Access on March 19th 2024!

What platforms can I play Lightyear Frontier on?

You can play on Xbox Series S|X, Xbox Game Pass and PC.

Can I play Lightyear Frontier on a previous-generation Xbox?

Lightyear Frontier will be available on previous-generation Xbox through Xbox Cloud Gaming on Game Pass.

How much will Lightyear Frontier be?

Lightyear Frontier will be USD $24.99 / GBP £20.99 / EUR €24,99, or free to play with Xbox Game Pass! The demo is free to play across Xbox Series S|X & Steam.

Can I pre-order Lightyear Frontier?

You can pre-order the Lightyear Frontier Bundle on the Microsoft Store & gain an exclusive Early Bird mech skin! We currently don’t have plans to open up pre-orders on Steam.

Will there be a physical edition of Lightyear Frontier?

We don’t have plans for this just yet! If there’s demand for a physical edition, we’ll definitely look into it!

What languages does Lightyear Frontier support?

The launch into Early Access will support the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese.

Is there multiplayer?

Yes! When Early Access launches, you can play solo or with up to 3 pals on online co-op! The demo is single-player only.

Will there be cross-play?

Yes! You’ll be able to play with players across Xbox & Steam when Early Access launches.

Can I change my keybinds?

Not yet. Changeable keybindings are in the pipeline & we hope to add them sometime after the Early Access release!

What camera views can I view my mech in?

You can view your mech in first & third person! When out of the mech, it’s first person only.

Is the music copyright-safe?

Yes, the game music is copyright-safe for you to stream & create content for!

Will there be support for the HOTAS joystick to move in-game?

HOTAS/HOSAS support isn’t something we are currently planning on implementing. We may look into it if we see a huge need for it.

Will there be hostile mobs in-game?

Lightyear Frontier is focused on exploration, adventure, & farming & won’t have combat. However, you’ll face challenges as you build your farm, such as adverse environmental conditions, alien fauna & more.

Can I automate tasks?

Automation is something we will look into implementing after we release Early Access. Our current philosophy is to avoid automation elements & instead put as much power as possible into your mech & your direct actions! We’ll still look at implementing QoL improvements to ensure you’re not just running between one crafting building to the next once your farm reaches critical mass.

Can I customize my character?

Yes, you’ll be able to customize & upgrade your mech! We’re open to revisiting customizing the actual Exofarmer player model during Early Access if enough interest is shown!

Does DX11 run better than DX12?

It may depend on your hardware. While we’ve done our best to optimize the game, there are bound to be some configurations that cause issues we’ve never encountered during testing. Please send a report with the in-game feedback tool, as the data will help us better understand the problem!

Will Lightyear Frontier be Steam Deck compatible?

We’ve been focusing on optimizing Lightyear Frontier for Xbox & PC! However, when trialling test runs, it does appear to work on Steam Deck, but there are no guarantees since we haven’t done extensive testing.

Is Lightyear Frontier based on that one episode of Love, Death & Robots, “Suits”?

It isn’t! We hadn’t actually seen the episode, & it was pointed out to us during development!

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