Great Gun Gauntlet – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the game?

Survive and then beat the boss of each gauntlet! The real goal though is to have fun, arcade style games are at their core the most fundamental play-game-to-enjoy-yourself type games. If it succeeds at that in your heart, then all the gauntlets to unlock should be plenty of a goal to enjoy!

How much content is planned?

If we consider gauntlets like levels, and arenas like worlds, you could look at it like 6 worlds with 10 levels each for 60 total. One of the important things we want to learn from Early Access though is whether this kind of game needs that much content? For all we know 3-4 arenas (30-40 levels) is more than enough content and 60 could be seen as too much for completion type players (the main ones playing that long).

How long is a Gauntlet?

Due to the way difficulty progresses based on the player’s performance, that can vary heavily depending on a player’s skill. It can also vary heavily per-gauntlet as some might be a lot of challenge but over a shorter amount of time or others might be like shorter bonus level type feelings. Once more people try the game I will have a better answer – for instance with my level of practice I can beat the first level in around 12 minutes, but a first try player might take upwards of 30…? The ideal length I want them to be is 5-15 minutes each though, the nature of the first level just makes it one of the longer ones.

I don’t like the main character’s ability, will there be any other ways to play?

Yes, we have several other character ideas already, including of course a more standard Shoot ’em Up style character.

How long will development take?

Well… let’s see… that takes me about a week per one of those and this takes that long and… well I can definitely say over a year. As much as I want to truly complete this game, depending on how much is added to it it could easily be 2-3 years until Early Access is over? Gauntlets don’t make themselves. Plus we will likely begin working on another project as the last half of development for this is 90% level design and we should keep our programmer busy with something else.

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