Gigantic: Rampage Edition – FAQ

Gameplay FAQ

Who is the most OP/Meta hero?

There is no “true meta” as everyone can be very powerful in the right hands and with the right build (bugs aside). There are of course some heroes that are underperforming, but don’t you scoff at them as they can dominate the battlefield in interesting and unexpected ways!

How do I see what my abilities do while in-game?

Hit/hold the control (default) key and click or press the associated key of the ability in question that you wish to get details on. They will appear on the bottom right corner. This screen is also used in Clash as a means to upgrade your skills with talents.

Bro my character runs out of stamina so fast, this is wack!

Here’s a pro tip! Try to avoid jumping as much as you can unless it’s absolutely necessary! Jumping consumes a fair bit of stamina while in combat, and you need every precious lil ounce of it. Sprinting in Combat also drains stamina, unlike while out of combat. Keep you jumping trigger calm and be precise about it!

The enemy keep capturing all the power points! What do I do?

A good practical idea is having in your build at least 1 talent/skill upgrade that apply an Interrupt effect. Interrupt is the only thing that can stop the capture of a power point short of killing the enemy capturing the point.

The following are status effects that apply Interrupt:

  • Daze
  • Knock-up
  • Knockback/Push
  • Immobilize
  • Launch
  • Pull
  • Stun
  • Cancel
  • Polymorph
  • Disable

General FAQ

When is the game releasing? What time?

The game is slated to release April 9th 2024. At time of writing there is no known release time. This will be updated once known.

The game’s going to be $20? Wasn’t it originally free to play?

It was, and yes it will be $20 USD. The difference is that the game will no longer have any microtransactions (as far as we know for the foreseeable future), unlike the original run of the game. You will be able to grind everything out at launch for FREE.

Will Clash Mode be available in Live?

Yes, but will only be unlocked at account level 10. As of the February 2024 beta, Rush Mode will be the only available game mode for you to play as it acts a primer for new players to come to grips with the heroes, tactics, and core combat/gameplay loop of Gigantic.

What the hell is Rush Mode?

Rush Mode is a brand new alternate game mode introduced in Rampage Edition that emphasizes shorter game times and reduced complexity.

  • All heroes start at level 10 with all skill upgrades available.
  • Only one wound must be dealt to the enemy Guardian to achieve victory.
  • Each side starts with an adult Summer Bloomer, or two (2) depending on the map.
  • There is no summoning of other creatures.
  • All power must be collected manually by heroes or obtained by killing enemy heroes (10 per kill) or bloomers (20 per kill).
  • You can swap heroes and builds as long as you are dead/on your team’s respective airship.

Where are my talents and levels in Rush Mode?

As mentioned above, in Rush Mode you are immediately set to level 10, with all your talents applied via a build, which are interchangeable while in hero select, while respawning, or while on the airship. There is no levelling up Rush.

Where can I customize my builds?

Under the Builds tab of each respective hero. You can create up to 3 custom builds per hero. You cannot edit builds while in a match.

Are creatures going to come back in Rampage Edition?

Yes, they are! Creature loadouts are coming back with all creatures that were available up until the January 2018 patch of the original run of Gigantic. These creatures will only be available for use/summoning in Clash mode.

Will the progress from my original Gigantic account be transferred over into Rampage Edition?

No. You can log in with your old Arc account that you may have used to play the OG run of Gigantic, but none of your progress will transfer over.

Queue times are so looooong. Is this game DoA?

No. Make sure you turned on Crossplay for Matchmaking

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