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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Erannorth Renaissance?

Erannorth Renaissance is a text-driven, turn-based RPG set in a Renaissance-era fantasy world where your choices matter. You can shape your character and their story in your own way. You can play as Eric or Diana, each with a unique backstory, or start fresh with a character of your own creation. Though their past is predetermined, what happens next is entirely up to you. Every decision you make will affect the story, creating a unique adventure for you to experience.

How does it differ from my other Erannorth games?

Erannorth Reborn and Erannorth Chronicles emphasized freedom and encouraged players to play the game as they wanted, without any main storyline. The games primarily focused on building various character builds and using them to progress through the game. On the other hand, Erannorth Renaissance offers an extensive open world to explore, but it is driven by a central quest and several side stories on a new continent called Elos. Unlike Reborn and Chronicles, Renaissance is not about creating theory-crafting character builds but about experiencing a story.

Chronicles is the continuation of Reborn’s development. It is built on the same code base, improving it and adding dozens of new mechanics and features. Renaissance, on the other hand, is an entirely new RPG system developed from scratch using Unity. Unlike its predecessors, which focused on card games and deck building, Renaissance is centered around immersing players in a story where they can make choices, engage in strategic battles, and explore a vast world map. It’s not about having hundreds of enemies or countless tactics; it’s about your story and how you shape it.

Expect to read a lot of text. If it’s something you find boring, you probably didn’t reach at this point of the news post, so all is good.

But that “tactics”, are cards right? Right?

No, there aren’t any cards in the game.

Ehm, Early Access?

Early Access games have been a roller coaster. It started as a way for game creators like me to fund our projects and get your input. But many Early Access games never finished or got postponed, leaving many players cautious. Some are abandoned after release, and others are in a development hell hiatus. And it is understandable; life happens.

But it’s not an excuse. Erannorth Renaissance will be launched as a complete game in Early Access. You will immediately access the entire main story and many side quests. I aim to provide you with a robust and enjoyable game while working with you to improve it further.

I value honest and open communication, so I am telling you straight up: it’s always better to wait if you have mixed feelings about purchasing a game that’s still being developed or expecting something similar to the older Erannorth games. It’s different from my other games. And I can’t promise that nothing will radically change in Early Access or that your saved games will always be safe from updates.

Is there any ETA on the Early Access release?

No, feel free to check out the Steam store page to keep up with Erannorth Renaissance’s development and add it to your wishlist. Watch for more news and updates as the Early Access launch approaches, hopefully in early to mid-2024. I want to deliver a complete product. So, whenever I feel this milestone is reached.

What about Erannorth Chronicles? Will it ever get any more updates?

Erannorth Chronicles is already a complete package with hundreds of hours of content. But on the bright side, Renaissance and Chronicles aren’t in direct competition. In the future, it may receive additional content in free updates or expansions alongside the new game.

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