Dyson Sphere Program – Rise of the Dark Fog Update FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Save & MOD

Do I need to start a new game after the update?

  1. If you want to experience the new content of the combat system, you will need to start a new game.
  2. You can continue to play previous save that has not used MODs after the update, but the Dark Fog will not appear.
  3. Save that have used MODs may not necessarily be compatible with the new version, depending on the extent of the modifications made by the MODs.

Can I use previous Blueprints after the update?

  1. Blueprints without using any MODs can still be used.
  2. Blueprints with MODs are likely to still be usable, depending on the extent of modifications made by the MODs.

Can previously accumulated metadata still be used after the update?

Yes. However, it’s important to note that metadata is stored in the local save and the game does not support cloud save.

Can previous downloaded MOD still be used after the update?

It is not recommended to use them. This update involves extensive code modifications and previous MODs can easily lead to numerous errors. If you continue to use them, it is difficult for us to to identify potential issues.

If you have used MODs, we advice to back up save files before updating. Ensure that the game files are unmodified during updating. Otherwise, unforeseen errors may occur. For compatibility issues, it is recommended to contact the MOD creators for assistance.

Will the game support multiplayer in the future?

When Dyson Sphere Program was developed initially, the idea of multiplayer was not considered. This game will always focuse on providing more single-player content, and there are no plans to support multiplayer in the future.

Should I start a new game before the update, or after the update?

If you are a new player, you can give it a try before the update to get familiar with the game. For experienced players, continuing to play and accumulating metadata will still be beneficial even with the introduction of the combat system.


Is the combat system friendly to casual players? Will it be challenging for beginners?

We have considered the issue in the process of balancing difficulty. The default difficulty is to allow the majority of players to smoothly finish the game.

If it feels too challenging, there are options to reduce the aggressiveness of the Dark Fog and even disable it. Additionally, we have added some beginner guides and tips, providing players with tutorials and suggestions at necessary points.

Will the combat system affect the core gameplay of automated factories?

In general, it will mainly impact the planning of factories. However, if you look at it in stages, the impact will diminish as the game progresses. Under default difficulty, enemy threats can be significant in the early stage, but as weapon technology advances, the concern about factories being destroyed diminishes.

What is the attack mechanism of the Dark Fog?

  1. If the aggression level is set to Regular, the threat value will be added based on your activities. When the threat value is full, the Dark Fog will send a certain number of units to attack you. Additionally, if you attack the Dark Fog actively, the Dark Fog will also dispatch units to resist your attack.
  2. If the aggression level is set to Passive, the Dark Fog will not attack you unless you initiate an attack.
  3. If the aggression level is set to Dummy, the Dark Fog will not attack you, and regardless of how you attack the Dark Fog, it will not retaliate.

Do I need to manually rebuild facilities after they are destroyed?

No. After unlocking the Auto-recontruction, drones will automatically initiate the rebuilding task if you have the corresponding buildings in your inventory. Alternatively, you can manually rebuild by pointing the mouse to the destroyed building and holding the mouse button to build it.

If Icarus leaves a planet, will the factories on that planet be attacked? If the factories are destroyed, do I have to return to the planet to rebuild?

After Icarus leaves the planet, the planetary base will still add threat value based on the factories’activities. Before the threat value reaches its maximum, you will receive a warning. To ensure the safety of the factories, it’s necessary to deploy defense facilities.

Considering the need for repair or even reconstruction of destroyed facilities, we have designed a Battle Analysis Base for automatic maintenance and rebuilding.

Can Icarus fight?

Yes, Icarus has basic attack capabilities, similarly to a movable defense tower. Additionally, you can unlock combat drones to assist Icarus, making Icarus a primary force against the Dark Fog unlocking new technologies. Of course, there are also survival technologies, such as Energy Shield.

If Icarus dies, what will happen to my game?

Once Icarus is destroyed, the game will end. You can either load a previous save to continue playing or choose to spend metadata to redeploy. It won‘t disable achievements if you use Metadata to resurrect Icarus or for some of the new features introduced in this update.

Apart from metadata, are there any other rewards for battling the Dark Fog?

Defeating the Dark Fog has a chance of dropping items, and higher-level Dark Fog drops higher-grade items. However, this doesn’t impact the core gameplay of automation and resource management. Under the default difficulty, the benefits from defeating Dark Fog are relatively limited, serving more as compensation for potential losses during combat.

Will the Dark Fog affect the logistics system? Will logistics vessel and drones be attacked?

Logistics stations, like other buildings, can be destroyed by the Dark Fog. Once a logistics station is destroyed, drones and logistics vessel associated with it will be lost. However, the drones and transport ships themselves are not subject to direct attacks. This design considers the potentially large numbers of drones and ships in the game, making replenishing them challenging if they were attacked.

Is it only tower defense battles in Rise of the Dark Fog? Can I take the initiative in combat? Can I engage in battles with Space Hives?

In Rise of the Dark Fog, besides tower defense, you can also take the initiative in combat by control Icarus or summoning combat drones to eliminate planetary base. As for space combat, the current version allows players to enter space battles and destroy Space Hives. However, the attack methods are currently quite limited, and Icarus’s strength in space is relatively weak.

The initial development work for the first part of the combat system took us a significant amount of time, but our team has become more proficient, making future developments smoother. The next update will focus on the space combat, including space platforms, to make the combat more interesting.

Will the Dark Fog attack the Dyson Sphere?

Currently, it won’t. However, the Dark Fog may potentially attack the your space structures with future updates to the space combat.


How is the optimization for Rise of the Dark Fog?

The persistent performance impact from the combat system is relatively low, but there will be some short-term performance overhead during engagements.

If you experience lag during combat, you can reduce the number of rendered wreckage in the setting. In our previous gameplay trailer, we showed a performance testing, and our development configuration with a i5-10600K + GTX 1650 could maintain a generally stable and smooth performance.

What are the future plans? When will Early Access end?

We have plans more updates including space combat, as the second phase of the combat system in 2024. The space platform is also on the schedule.

We don’t have a specific release date for the official version, and we will announce it once there is new information. The game will transition to the official version naturally once we’ve completed the content we want to include.

Is the Rise of the Dark Fog a paid DLC?

No, Dyson Sphere Program is still in early access. Rise of the Dark Fog is a major update. If you own the game, you can update it directly. You can choose whether to enable the Dark Fog when starting the game.

See you on December 15th!

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