Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is DAVE THE DIVER’s official launch? Will the price increase?

The full release for this game will be June 28, 2023. We aim to maintain the current price, but this may change depending on the circumstances at the time of the game’s release.

Q. Will my game data reset on the official launch?

The progress from Early Access will remain so you can continue from where you left off.

Q. What platforms is it on?

Currently, DAVE THE DIVER is available only on Steam. We are considering expanding our platforms to include consoles, and we will announce this decision once it has been made.

Q. Can I play this game on Steam Deck?

Yes! Dave the Diver is Steam Deck verified so you can bring Dave on the go!

Q. Is there a keybinding function available?

You can change the keybindings in your Settings (Title Page, Phone App, Pause menu) *Gamepad updates may be available in a future update.

Q. What are the minimum system requirements to play the game?

You can find the minimum system requirements on our Steam store page. We will continue to update these values as we gather more information to provide the most accurate recommendations.

Q. What languages is it available in? Will additional languages be added for the full launch?

Currently, the game supports English, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

During the Early Access period, we are refining the existing translations and considering the addition of more languages upon completion. We will announce any additional languages and their release schedule as soon as the decisions are made.

Q. My gold/items aren’t increasing!

In the Early Access version of the game, there’s a cap on how much gold you can have, which is set at 9,999. Additionally, your inventory can only hold up to 99 of each item. The in-game calendar will also stop at October 29th.

Q. Is there any way to obtain a 3-star shark Marinca card in Early Access?

Unfortunately, you can’t obtain a 3-star shark Marinca card during the Early Access stage. However, it will become available once the game is officially released.

Q. Will DAVE THE DIVER release a DLC and/or have microtransactions?

DAVE THE DIVER doesn’t have any online microtransactions. As for a DLC, this will depend on how the development progresses in the future.

Q. How long have you been working on DAVE THE DIVER?

Originally, DAVE THE DIVER started as a mobile game, but we decided to shift our focus to a PC version to enhance the overall gaming experience. The current PC version has been in development for about two and a half years.

Q. What were the main inspirations for DAVE THE DIVER?

While living on Jeju Island in Korea, the director came across a unique Japanese pub by the sea, where the owner would catch fish during the day and cook them for dinner. He found this concept fascinating and thought it would make a great game idea. It also reminded him of the “All Blue” from the anime ‘One Piece,’ where all kinds of fish gather in one place, which further inspired the game’s creation.

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