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Does this game use AI/Generative AI?

None at all, it is a lot of voice work and tricks to simulate responses.

How do I change languages? What differences are there?

English and Spanish versions are completely different, you will find entirely new puzzles, new skills and different voice actors for each version. You can change it under options on the main menu only, under the “Game” tab, as it requires a game reload. English currently has a much larger response dictionary of what words the Cryptmaster will detect, all other features are largely 1:1.

My joypad movement is too sensitive, how do I change that?

In options under the “Controls” tab, there is a slider called “Joypad Sensitivity”, this will change the scroll speed of the joypad cursor.

How do I change the camera rotation speed?

In options you will find an option called “Rotation Speed”, this will change the speed at which the camera rotates. If you want it to instant snap rotation, there is an option in the “Controls” tab also for that, but requires a rotation speed greater than 0, if that is enabled your camera will instant snap the direction you are going (its recommended to leave this disabled, but I added it just to expose the settings).

My game is running poorly, how can I get the FPS up?

The biggest performance increase options will be lowering “Quality” (controls shadow quality and texture quality), and “Draw Distance”(culls a lot more objects due to closer distance fog). With some slower graphics cards, disabling blur effects (the distortion effects that happen near warps, when the Cryptmaster jumps in, etc) can have some effect, but only on quite dated graphics cards.

How do I rotate the camera?

You can rotate the camera with right mouse button, or by holding alt and the directional arrows.

Can I use WASD?

Sure, just hold shift and you can move with WASD.

Save file location

C:\Users\pauldesktop\AppData\LocalLow\PaulHartandLeeWilliams\CryptMaster (your location will be slightly different, as “pauldesktop” is my computer name)

How long is the game?

The short answer is somewhere between 8-15 hours. The long answer is it really depends on how many side quests you do, how many puzzles you choose to solve yourself vs letting the Cryptmaster resolve them for you, and your general language ability.

Does this work on SteamDeck?

While I don’t have a Steamdeck myself, Akupara Games the games publisher said it did work on Steamdeck, the game has full controller support so it should be fine, if anyone else with a steam deck can confirm or has differing results, I will update those here as it unfolds. The demo has the same controller support options as the full game, so if it works in the demo, it will work in the full game if anyone would be keen to test for me.

Is there any plans for additional quests & content after release?

Absolutely, we are looking to do a bug fix initially after release, then depending on how well received the game is, move into some content updates.


How do I enable voice mode?

In windows 10 and greater, search for the option “Online speech recognition” in the windows search bar, once enabled the game will be able to detect your speech when pressing the ear button. You can also change the language within windows and setup different audio devices that are allowed to record the speech detection.

When the ear button is pressed, you will have a short time to speak into the microphone, the game will then detect a word, or a series of words (you can even spell out individual letters) and then confirm the entry. This was more added as an accessibility option and it wont always yield perfect results so use it with that in mind.

You will need to set your windows language settings to either English or Spanish.

How do I auto collect bugs/fish and interact without typing?

Enable “Enter to Interact” in the “Controls” tab in options, this will allow you to use enter (or A on controller) to collect bugs, fish and interact with all top text in the game without typing. This option is HIGHLY recommended when playing on controller.

How do I skip dialog?


How to fish

The letter highlighted will get added to your letter hints but you have to pull the fish in. with keyboard its the up arrow.

How to unlock powers

You have to guess them down the bottom of your skills, chests will reveal more hints, you can guess them at any time in game.

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