Gold Rush: The Game – FAQ

Gold Rush: The Game - FAQ
Gold Rush: The Game - FAQ


Q: Where is my shovel?
A: You already have this, press < and > to cycle through your items.

Q: MY vehicle/character is stuck, what do I do?
A: Open the map (M) and locate yourself, click on the icon you wish to get unstuck and then press “reset” These things will reset on your current claim.

Q: My gold bar vanished after i smelted it?
A: Don’t worry, just go to the bank and you will see it there!

Q: Can i roll up the hoses and cables?
A: YES! Take one end of either the cable/hose and hold right click.

Q: My truck bugged out and left the earth, what now?
A: Check your map, it’s bound to be there somewhere!!

Q: The game is lagging for me slightly, what should i do?
A: Go to advanced settings and lower your shadows, if that fails lower the settings as a whole.

Q: Can i connect hoses/cables together directly?
A: No, cables have extension boxes that you can buy, water hoses will get the same soon so you will need to use extra pumps.

Q: When i have gold is it better to sell ore or to smelt and sell the bar?
A: It is better to smelt the ore into a bar and sell, but watch the stock’s.

Q: Why is my gold count not going up when i collect gold?
A: Chances are you are not allowing the mats in the slucies to collect enough gold. Let them fill up then clean them.

Q: I dont have a crosshair when panning for gold!
A: first make sure you are in gold picking mode (press shift) , if you still dont have a crosshair make sure you are on the correct resolution!

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