Nongunz – Basic Guide

Nongunz - Basic Guide
Nongunz - Basic Guide


Because the game doesn’t even bother revealing it’s controls to you, I spent some time figuring out how to shoot. I use an Xbox 360 controller, so I don’t know how the control scheme for keyboard & mouse.

  • A = Jump
  • B = Dodgeroll. This gives you invincibility frames during the animation and shortly after. This means you can roll through enemies or their attacks without taking damage.
  • X = Slide. This is the only way you can shoot upwards, and it’s not very precise since you remain in motion.
  • Y = Interact
  • LT = Switch Mask
  • LB = Use Mask ability
  • RT = Switch weapon
  • RB = Use weapon
  • Left Stick = Movement
  • Right Stick = Moves the camera, as long as you remain stationary. Use this to look around and find out in advance if you want to take a certain path.
  • Select = As far as I can tell, holding the button shows arrows that give you the general direction of doors and windows. When it comes to the former, you don’t really need it as the doors are placed based on where they lead on the map – a door that leads to the room below you will generally be somewhere down. It could be useful when looking for a window to escape.

The Graveyard

I’ll go through the graveyard from the left to the right:

  • Graves: Not that interesting until you rescue the gravedigger.
  • Crypt: You can store items in the four tombs. The small altar also lets you craft companions you can send into the dungeon, but I have yet to do this, as I could never gather the parts needed to do so.
  • Second crypt: There is another crypt next to the well. Initially, there won’t be anything here. The grim reaper (I guess that’s who he is) and the living slot machine will take up residence here once rescued.
  • Well: By jumping into the well, you can visit the worshippers you’ve rescued.
  • Great Altar: Using your points, you can purchase weapons and masks of your choosing here. Note that you can also choose your item’s quality (green being the best), though it will cost you. Prices appear to be different for every item, but for reference, a green bird mask costs around 30000 points, while a green shotgun costs around 90000. Note that you don’t have to claim a weapon or mask immediately. This means you can deposit your points prior to entering the Dungeon.
    The buffoon will appear to the right of the altar once rescued and allows you to reenter the dungeon at level 3.
  • The dungeon: Where the main part of the game happens.

Upgrading the graveyard is the only type of progression that persists even after you die.

Graveyard Upgrades: Economy

Whenever you see someone caged up in the dungeon, rescue them if at all possible. They will start worshipping you (I guess), giving you one point per second * the level of the dungeon they were found on.

Only one worshipper appears to spawn per dungeon level during any given run. Trust me, you are going to need those points.

Graveyard Upgrades: Vendors

After entering a new dungeon level, I recommend you scour all rooms for the unique VIP.

  • The seller / The Grim-Reaper: Can be found on the first dungeon level, though I’m not sure if I actually rescued him or if he actually appears after beating the first boss. He sells three cards, whose quality depends on the last dungeon level you were in. He will also offer items after visiting The Room, though only Tier 1 stuff.
  • The gravedigger: Can be found on the second dungeon level. For an ever increasing price, he will dig new graves, which contain lots of (mostly low level) loot. I guess there is some limit to how many graves he can dig, and I personally don’t use him much. 
  • The slot machine: Can be found on the third dungeon level. For 500 points, you can spin the wheel. If you win, he will give you a random item. You can play the machine as often as you wish, though I think the chance of success is reduced after each win until you visit the dungeon again. 
  • The buffoon: Can be found on the fourth dungeon level. Be careful, he is easy to miss since he isn’t chained up like the others, but just sits somewhere. For 1 million points, he can transport you into level 3 of the dungeon. 

The Room and Leaving the Game Properly

While on the graveyard, press start, navigate down until you see a card with an X on it. Consume it by holding A. This will take you to a place the devs themselves call “The Room”. There are several things you can interact with here.

  • Bed: Closes the game.
  • Treadmill: Time runs faster in the room (relevant for the idle game). Use the treadmill when you let the game idle in the background, as it speeds up time further.
  • Telescope: As far as I can tell, there is nothing to see here.
  • Ukulele: You can play this with the shoulder buttons, but there doesn’t appear to be anything to it.
  • Locked Box: Let’s just say you’ll know what to do with this when the time comes.
  • Computer: Returns you to the graveyard.

Note about the idle game: There appears to be a limit on how many points you can accumulate in the room. I found leaving the game on over night only gave me 400k points, while after maybe an hour standing at the great altar by accident, I had two million.


Cards can be found in chests and purchased from vendors. Each card provides a small boost to one or two stats.
Cards have a limited durability, indicated by the white bar. What causes the cards to degrade is unclear – it could be time, steps taken, rooms passed etc.

Cards have two numbers in their lower corners. The left number indicates the boost to the left stats, the right number to the right stat. If a number only boosts one stat, both numbers are the same. The average of these two numbers indicates the card level. Cards can be consumed by selecting it and holding the jump-button, restoring health based on the card level.


Followers can be crafted and sent into the dungeon to recover items. However, I have yet to craft one as I never had all the materials at once.


There are 13 types of weapons in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I personally like using the shotgun for anything that has alot of health (like bosses) and katanas for crowds. Katanas and axes can also hit enemies through walls.

Most of the time, though, I use the standard revolver. It has unlimited ammo and fires as quickly as you can tap the button. I find that it’s firepower is sufficient for most purposes.


Masks give you special powers, such as creating portals, running at superspeed, dashing or creating gravity wells. I personally prefer the bird mask, as it allows you to jump up to four times in a row.

The Dungeon

The main part of the game takes place here. The Dungeon consists of four levels, each with several interconnected rooms. Every level has one room with a loot chest (marked with a chest on the map), a vendor (marked with a white skull) and a boss (marked with a red skull).

You can escape the dungeon through any window. There is no shame in doing so, though it will end your run and force you to start over once you reenter the dungeon, unless you pay the buffoon 1 million points.

Getting killed results in the loss of every item you were carrying, as well as all points you accumulated.

When exploring the dungeon, be careful and patient. There is no need to rush anything. Also, keep in mind that enemies don’t respawn, so don’t be afraid to pass through rooms you’ve already cleared to take other paths.

There are chests scattered throughout the dungeon. However, unlike the chest in the loot room, these chests hurt you when you open them. When standing near a chest, the amount of health you would lose is highlighted. How much health you will lose depends on how much you have left, and appears to be around 20% of your current health.

I generally find that opening these chests isn’t really worth it, as the cards you get have limited durability and don’t give a huge boost on their own. However, if you are low on health, you could open a chest and immediately consume the item. If you get a decent card (pretty much guaruanteed on higher levels), you’ll get more health back than you lost.

In general, don’t be afraid to consume cards for health. Look at the white bar in the middle of each card – if it’s nearing depletion, you might as well consume the card, since you’ll soon lose it anyway.

I recommend the bird-mask for general dungeon exploration, as it allows to you jump up to four times in a row. This lets you take paths you couldn’t take otherwise, giving you better options to avoid enemies or attack from a better position.

Once you get a few worshippers, I recommend buying all vendor items at every opportunity. You can ignore the loot chest if you wish, as you can get better gear, of your choosing no less, at the great altar.

Challenge Rooms

While traversing the dungeon, you will occasionally notice elevator tubes you can interact with. Doing so allows you to enter a challenge room. The type of challenge is indicated at the top of the screen – for example, making it through the room without taking damage. If you manage to accomplish this feat, you will get a weapon or mask at the end. If the indicator disappears, you have failed the challenge.


Note that I’ll be using my own names for regular enemies since they have no official names. Enemies initially appear only in their red-brownish colour, but once you are stronger, you’ll see blue and green ones, too. This will happen even on the first dungeon, if you go in with loot from previous adventures or good weapons / masks purchased from the altar.

Blue and green enemies apparently have more health and deal more damage. Green enemies can destroy you in 2-3 strikes, so be careful.

Killing enemies restores small amounts of health, indicated by small particles flying into your character.

Finger-slugs: I’m calling them slugs on the grounds that they have no houses like snails would. These dismembered fingers move on a set path and leave slime on the ground which will damage you upon contact. The slime disappears after a few seconds.

Eye-flies: They are small, they can fly, and sometimes appear in swarms. Katanas make short work of them, but with some skill your regular pistol will suffice. Eye-flies will pursue you, so you can provoke them to attack you in a place of your choosing.

Dismembered legs that jump around the place. They don’t have a set path, but they always leap the same height and distance, so their movements are very predictable. They don’t have any attacks aside from that.

See those weird bubbling pools moving over the floor? They’ll transform into spikes when you move over them. They are invulnerable in their dormant state, so dodgeroll over them and shoot them while exposed. They always move along a set path.

Floating hands: These guys are particularly annoying when they are below you, since you can’t shoot down, but they can very much shoot upwards. They shoot their fingernails at you and will pursue you over a short distance before returning to their original path.

Floating demon: Apparently, these guys want to lick you. Don’t let them. They will pursue you, so you can provoke them.

Copycats: These guys mirror every move you make. This also means they will only attack when you do the same. Unless you have a grenade launcher or something, don’t bother attacking these guys. Dodgeroll through them or let them walk somewhere where they can’t bother you. The best way to deal with these guys is not dealing with them at all.

Groundpounders: While they do have a ranged attack, they rarely use it – as far as I can tell, they only use it if their other attack hits you. When they see you, they’ll start pounding the ground, creating shockwaves that shoot you upwards. The attack itself does no damage, but sometimes the ceiling above you is covered in spikes.

Scorpions move along a set path until provoked, after which they will chase you. They can make short leaps and scale walls, so don’t feel too safe up there. This can be to you advantage though, as you can fight them in an area of your choosing.

Walking-Masses: AFAIK, the only way these guys can actually hurt you without assistance is if you touch them. Their projectiles immobilize you in some kind of goo. If you get hit, shoot until it breaks to free yourself.

Bombmakers: Leap around and produce bombs from their faces. These bombs can be an asset though, as their explosions can harm other monsters.

Suicide-Snakes: I’m not sure what these things are supposed to be, but I think they look like snakes. They will pursue you like scorpions will, though these guys can’t climb. Once provoked, they will eventually explode, even if you aren’t nearby. As their timer counts down, it’s head will grow, giving you a bit of an indicator as to when the explosion will happen. They will commit suicide immediately if you get too close. The explosion can also hurt other enemies, so you may be able to use these guys to your advantage.

Bullet-Magnets: Starting with the second dungeon, you will occasionally see some weird things sticking on walls. I can’t really describe them, so they don’t get a fancy name for now. They don’t have any attacks, but will manipulate the trajectory of your bullets, effectively reducing your weapon range. You can destroy these things, but be careful when doing so, as their deaths create some projectiles that move into all directions.

Spike-mass: Moves along the ground on a set path, fires spikes straight upwards.

Eye-people: Shoot their eyes at you. They move along a set path and don’t pursue you.

Eye-monsters: Throw one of their eyes at you, like a jojo. Also move a long a set path and don’t pursue.

Gargoyle: Attempt to suck you in. Don’t let them.

Murderdolls: People with knives for arms. They can teleport and use that ability to avoid bullets. Best way to deal with them are melee weapons or explosives.

Lost soul: I have only encountered these guys once so far. They just kneel on the ground, doing nothing, though you will take damage if you touch them. I initially thought they could be rescued, but you can’t interact with them. They also don’t appear to count as an enemy for the related achievement, as I don’t recall ever killing one of these guys prior to getting the achievement for killing all types of enemies.

Headcrabs: Float around and try to latch onto you. If they hit terrain during their charge, they will briefly get stuck there.

Boneshells: Guys carrying a huge skeleton shell in front of them. The shell itself appears to be invulnerable (though attacking it pushes them back), so you have to attack from behind. If you make them fall down, they will turn stationary and are vulnerable.



This skull shaped thing moves around the rather cramped arena and occasionally spawns some eye-flies. Shoot it until it dies. I generally use a shotgun or katana against it. The brain appears to be a weakpoint when exposed, though the damage spikes I observed could also be the result of crits.


Another head that is in slightly better shape. It moves around the screen and constantly alternates between two attacks: Shooting beams from it’s nose at the groud, and shooting beams from it’s ears at the walls. Again, shoot until it dies.


This guy is a bit more tricky. This skull has some serious problems with it’s teeth, and will occasionally drop them. He is impervious to your regular weapons, so don’t bother trying to kill him like that. His teeth shoot back up if you pass over them, exploding when they hit the skull. However, if they miss the skull, they’ll drop down again and explode upon hitting the ground. Be prepared to consume a few cards or weapons, as I found it rather difficult to escape the blasts.


This thing pursues you in whatever direction you take, though it will disappear once you reach the spike pits on either side of the arena. Aside from being difficult, if not impossible to outrun without a bunch of speed upgrades or the goat mask, it also creates bombs. Detonating the bombs close to the boss will harm it, but it can also eat the bombs to heal itself.

I also found that you can stand on top of the boss, though you probably need the bird mask to get that high. You can still take damage up there, but an axe or katana can be used to hurt the boss back. It will still move in whichever direction you are facing and still create bombs, which sadly means that he can still heal himself. You may have to finish him off by jumping down and detonating some bombs.

Defeating XII allows you to contribute to the huge skull on top of the graveyard altar. It apparently takes 10 million points in order to summon the final boss.

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