A Hat in Time – 100% Achievement Guide

A Hat in Time - 100% Achievement Guide
A Hat in Time - 100% Achievement Guide

How to get every single achievement in the game!

360 No-Feet

Do a 360 flip on the scooter!

First you must get the “Scooter Badge” from the badge vendor. Once done, equip it and put on your Sprint Hat. All you need to do now is jump and spin in a circle. (Example: ASDW when facing forwards) Thats all you need to do but if you are having trouble you can just go to a very high place to get extra air time to spin.

Afraid of Water

Don’t fall into the rising water in Subcon Well!

Get the “Hookshot Badge” from Chapter 3: Subcon Forest, Act 2: The Subcon Well Assuming you are already in the well, pull the lever and pop out the cork holding the water back. Quickly get to the platform above you, at this point you are no longer allowed to touch the water again. Make careful yet quick movements so you don’t fall back into the water or let it catch up to you. If you need help, the Time Stop hat will allow you to take your sweet time. If you combine this with the “Fast Hatter Badge” it makes it so you can take a nap if you get tired along the way.

Alpine Skyline

Collect all Time Pieces in Alpine Skyline!

As it says, you must collect all the time pieces in Alpine Skyline. The time piece from The Birdhouse, The Lavacake, The Twilight Bell, The Windmill, the finale for this act, both blue time rifts, and the one purple time rift.

A more detailed guide of this will come in my “A Hatter’s Guide to 100% Time Pieces” soon.

A Series of Unfortunate Accidents

Knock off all the sitting Mafia in Mafia Town!

Someone has already made a detailed guide of this so I’ll link you to that guide.

Badge Master

Equip 3 badges!

Simple enough. You must buy both badge pins from the badge vendor. The first badge pin will cost you 50 pons, the second will cost 200. After that, equip 3 badges to each slot like so and bam.

Battle of the Birds

Collect all Time Pieces in Battle of the Birds!

Get all the time pieces from this act. 7 from the acts including the finale and revisiting Dead Bird Studio after recieving the call. 2 Blue Time Rifts. 1 Purple Time Rift.


Complete The Big Parade without falling into the audience below!

This one can be tricky and might require multiple attempts. DO NOT equip the Sprint Hat, it is more detrimental because the owls always keep the same pace behind you. If you have already completed this act, the following video will show you my strategy for getting this achievement.

False Detective

Make it through Murder on the Owl Express without finding any clues (you suck)!

To get this achievement you have to not pick up any of the confidential files and have visited every room on the train with clues. If you get no clues the only murderer you can pick is the Conductor. After getting to the murderer select screen the achievement should unlock.


Hook onto a ceiling fan with the hookshot!

Remember this slide in your ship?

Use your Ice Hat on it to bouce up into the Mail Room. Once there you will see a cieling fan and if you jump to it or stand near it the hookshot icon should appear.

Hang on for dear life and the achievement should unlock in a few moments.

Fueling the Feud

Get a total of 2000 points in Battle of the Birds!

This is purely up to your own skill. If you do decent in every act in Battle of the Birds you should be able to get 2000 points easily. Tips for getting points though, collect the tokens of the directior for the level you are in for 100 points, collect pons for a few points, and succeed as best as you can in the mission objective to get the most points.

Murder on the Owl Express: Collect the 2 Conductor Tokens and collect all the clues for the most points.

Picture Perfect: Get your picture taken by every penguin and do every endorsment for DJ Grooves for the most points.

Train Rush: This is where you can get the bulk of your points. If you use the Time Stop hat with the “Fast Hatter” badge then time will pass much slower. If you collect all the extra time stopwatches in the level you should have lots of seconds left over before the bomb explodes, therefore more points, and since you’re doing it at an “incredible pace” thanks to the Time Stop hat, you get LOTS of points.

The Big Parade: To get the most points here you have to play safe, the only way to get more points aside from collecting pons is to get DJ Grooves tokens, these will only spawn if you are at full HP so be careful. The rate at which the tokens spawn can be a little unfair too, and if you die you lose all the tokens you collected.

If I fit, I sit

Sit in 3 different chairs!

Lucky for you there are already a lot of chairs sitting around in Hat Kid’s ship. You can get this achievement before you even start the first level. Just sit in them and wait for the music to fade out, then get up and continue.

Let there be light

Light up the spaceship!

Its only in here cause its an all achievements guide. Beat the first level and tap this board here.

Mafia Town

Collect all Time Pieces in Mafia Town!

Complete all 7 acts in Mafia Town, 2 Blue Time Rifts, 1 Purple Time Rift.

No Time To Explain

Complete Train Rush without dying or time bonuses!

Get your trusty Time Stop hat out, and while you’re at it the “Fast Hatter Badge” if you want to make this easy. Take your time when doing this but not too much. The only two extra time bonuses you need to be aware of avoiding is the one right at the very beginning in front of you and the one at the ring of fire.

One Punch

Defeat any boss with the 1-hit hero badge equipped!

Insert obligatory One Punch Man meme here. Except its everyone else in the world that’s Saitama. Now. You can do this with any boss if you’re hardcore but by far the easiest to do this on is of course the Mafia Boss. Use the Time Stop hat for the part where the sandbags drop and the Mafia man charges at you to dodge it easier.

Personally I Prefer the Air

Do 5 homing attacks in a row, without touching the ground!

Insert obligatory Smash Bros Falco here. This may seem tricky trying to chain the jumps but I found a spot in Mafia Town that you can easily achieve this.

This area is just above where you spawn in Act 1 of Mafia Town. There is a blue vault code. Once here, get the attention of all the birds and wait for them to condense all together like in the picture, then do the homing attack and spam the heck out of left click and try to jump. If done fast enough you can get all 5 of them without touching the floor. There is also a Mafia here you can chain into if you wish. If you miss it, just quit to hub and try again.

Pillow Fort

Find Hat Kid’s Secret Hideout!

Its a secret to everybody… So I’ll show you where it is. You can see where it is at the beginning of the game with careful camera work.

You won’t be able to access it though until you have the Ice Hat. Once you have the Ice Hat the pillar of light will appear above the entrance. Use your Ice Hat above it and you should be able to get inside!

Put a Badge On It

Put on your first badge!

Go grab your very first badge from the badge vendor. You can pick up the Item Magnet Badge for a measly 50 pons from multiple locations the badge vendor is at in Mafia town. The construction site, the broken tower, inside the Mafia headquarters.

Return Home

Collect all Time Pieces!

  • Mafia Town: 7 Acts, 2 Blue Time Rifts, 1 Purple Time Rift
  • Battle of the Birds: 6 Acts (1 More Time Piece from revisiting Dead Bird Studio), 2 Blue Time Rifts, 1 Purple Time Rift
  • Subcon Forest: 6 Acts, 2 Blue Time Rifts, 1 Purple Time Rift
  • Alpine Skyline: 4 Acts (1 More Time Piece for restoring peace in the finale), 2 Blue Time Rifts, 1 Purple Time Rift
  • Time’s End: 1 Act
  • Spaceship: 2 Blue Time Rifts 

Secret Intruder

Make it through Dead Bird Studio without being seen at all!

PLAY SAFE. This achievement requires you to get to DJ Grooves in the trophy room WITHOUT ANY Owl or Penguin harrassment charges on your bill. A split second in their sightline will ruin it and you will have to exit to hub to restart. This achievement may require a few retrys cause of bad luck or carelessness. Get the Time Stop hat to give yourself more time to manuver past the birds without getting caught.

I got so lucky at 1:57 its pretty much equivalent to a 99 detection in Payday 2. I don’t know how I wasn’t fined. I was trying to do double shades at the end but.. Yeah. Should’ve stuck with Kamina glasses.

Sequence Break

 No hand-holding for you, apparently!

To get this achievement you have to beat level one without triggering the Mustache Girl introduction. You can not trigger Mustache Girl or you will have to restart.

Slip ‘n Slide

Slide down a really long slope!

To get this achievement you just need to slide down either of the yellow slopes in Mafia Town.

Subcon Forest

Collect all Time Pieces in Subcon Forest!

Collect 6 time pieces from the acts including the finale, 2 Blue Time Rifts, and 1 Purple Time Rift.

Take a Hike

Climb to the top of Subcon Forest’s big mushroom!

This one isn’t as difficult as it can be annoying. If your platforming isn’t on point then be in for a long sigh and a grueling climb back up for another shot. No tricks here I’m afraid. I guess if you are using mod content you can use “Lilac’s Headpiece” for a 5th jump albeit more horizontal. It does give great distance though.

The Floor is Lava

Complete the Lava Cake peak without touching the lava at all!

Be safe. Wait if you need to. Use the Time Stop hat to make things easier.

True Detective

Find all Murder on the Owl Express clues!

Find all the clues/suspects before time runs out. Time doesnt actually matter in this, it only passes when you reach certain rooms and will always end when you reach the “KEEP OUT” room with the Hat Kid X-Ray. So if you’re missing more than 1 clue, backtrack before you enter there.

Vacuum Vandal

Ride the vacuum!

Jump on top of your poor little roomba and let it take you for a spin.


Just… why… ?

Type any swear word into a text box fellow express owl. Be warned, it may cause bird flu.

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