The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – Steam Deck Video Playback Fix

Played the game for the first time only to look at color test patterns and no video playback? Just a quick and dirty guide for setting up the game to play on your Steam Deck with assumptions that the user (You) is familiar with Linux with simple steps.

How to Fix Steam Deck Video Playback Issue

Note: Credit goes to Mr. Snrub


  • Switch to desktop mode.
  • Open the Discover application.
  • Search and download “Protontricks”.
  • Ignore any warning about a certain directory.
  • Select the game.
  • “Select the default winprefix”.
  • “Install Windows DLL”.
  • Check the following boxes:
    • Amstream
    • Quartz
    • Lavfilters (Just the one named that. Not the other 0.xx version)
  • Hit “OK” and wait a few minutes as nothing will show up.
  • A Windows installer will appear.
  • Go through the installer selecting your choices, or default and click ok all the way through.
  • Close any windows after the installer.
  • Go back into handheld mode.
  • Game>cog>properties
  • General>Game Resolution 1280×800 (This is needed as the cut scene resolution would be wrong during playback).
  • Compatibility>Force the use of…>At the time of writing, I am using Proton Experimental.
  • Close.
  • Play game.
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