Isonzo – Know Your Role: An Isonzo Guide to Egodeath

Are you getting your ass kicked by Chris Kyles no matter how hard you try to counter snipe? Here’s a step by step guide on how to learn your place.

Egodeath Guide

Who Are You

In Isonzo, you are assigned one of two roles. Forget the class selection they give you, this isn’t about picking Officer, engineer, rifleman, etc.

You are either a god amongst men with the gift of a better reaction speed than 90% of the lobby, or you aren’t. To properly support your team, you must figure out which category you fall under. Most people aren’t descendants of Simo Hayha so do not be surprised or ashamed if you are not amazing.

Now, you COULD try to ascend to godhood through aim training and the whatnot, but by the time you figure that out the player count will drop back down to like 85 (rip tanneberg). That is why it is important to KNOW YOUR ROLE and play to it.

The 99%

You will see and notice in Isonzo you are not alone when you hit tab. If you are this majority where you will never reach a positive KD, you have a few lessons to learn.

Most people wrongly assume their lives are something to value in these M2H WW1 games. And if you are gifted with that fractionally better reaction speed, then yes you should conserve your life and keep styling on us mortals. But very importantly you should realize that if you do not fit under the 1% category, survival is a secondary objective.

Your main goal is to secure any kill available as long as you can guarantee you’ll get it before you’re shot. Focusing on survival instead of this key feature of your life will more often than not get you killed while you’re looking for a safe spot to shoot people from.

If you know there is an enemy on the other side of a rock and you know you can reach that rock before being gunned down, haul ass over there and take him out. This game provides a luxury many men in the real WW1 didn’t have, being the ability to respawn. A real person would not charge out of a trench to stab a dude behind a rock to just get shot by a heavy MG. But you are a fake person who can afford to throw your life away to take out one dirty kraut/fritz/macaroni.

Through the many acts of suicidal plays you will commit in a match, you will notice those pertaining to the 1% on your team will live longer. In this game, as a part of the majority, you will have little to no power to massively change the course of a game. But through killing literally anyone as long as you keep a 1:1 KD, you will notice the butterfly effect of your sacrifices. Sure you died killing that dude behind a rock, but your Chris Kyle was about to walk into his crosshairs. Furthermore, another one of your Chris’s noticed where the MG that shot you was from how your body fell and took him out.

All in all, your death provides opportunities for those better than you to excel. No matter which class you play, all are just support for the top 5 on your scoreboard. And there is pride to take in that. Be the rock your teammates build their temple on. At the very least, you can distract the enemy from spending their bullets on someone better than you.

The 1%

I don’t know what to tell you. You are simply HIM. Keep kicking ass and take breaks sometimes to empty the ♥♥♥ bucket. God speed man.

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