Isonzo – Ultimate Classes Guide

In the guide I will try to explain what these classes are, what they can do, what the trick is with the abilities.

Definitive Guide to All Classes


So, in Izonzo, players are not divided into squad types and roles as in Verdun and Tannenberg, but into 6 classes: Officer, Rifleman, Engineer, Assault, Mountaineer and Marksman, within which you have a certain variation in weapons and perks that are specific to each class. And cosmetics, yes. A set of perks in the three factions (Italy, Austria-Hungary, Germany), a set of weapons in general, uniform (for example, if the Italian shooter’s first choice is a standard rifle Carcano M1891, then the Austro-Hungarian standard for them M.95).

New perks and weapons open as you complete the challenges that open when you reach certain levels of class (1, 5, 10, 15, 18, 20; plus individual for the German weapons), which is only twenty. Grinding class level is banal – it’s all the experience you get when playing for a particular specialty, and it does not depend on the side, ie, playing for the same Italian officer, you simultaneously pumping and the Austro-Hungarian, and so on. Challenges are not necessary, you can pump at least 20 levels of the class, but do not perform a single challange, though there is no point in it. A little advice – if you really want to quickly open new tricks, but with players it is difficult and slow, then at your service games with bots – press the custom match, do not put advanced settings and voila, you can quickly learn what you need and already in the normal battles to use the whole palette.

Oh, yes, there are limits on the number of representatives of a class (except riflemen), as well as some weapons – not more than 2 officers per team, not more than 1 rifle with optical sights and four marksmen on one side and so on.

Limitation on the number of these or other weapons is sometimes circumvented by trophies – for example, you can take one “native” sniper rifle and at the same time and one trophy. 2 native rifles with grenades and 2 such trophy rifles in addition. But remember, that the trophy weapon is obtained only when completing the challenge at level 20 of the class.

P.S. You can change perks and weapons at any time, changes will take effect after revival. In the basic set of equipment includes things that you will not change – shovel, bandage, and wire cutters for cutting barbed wire. The officer also has a whistle and the engineer’s shovel is replaced by a hammer.

In close combat the bayonet, shovel, knives, mace and icepeak kill with one blow. Two blows with a stock. In three, the hammer, in four or five, the ammo box and the bandage. The bayonet hits normally in terms of speed, but it has a relatively long animation of pulling out of the enemy’s body, the blade hits slowly, while the knife, baton and ice axe are fast and almost immediately ready for another hit.

I don’t write about what is revealed in this version of the tutorial because it is obvious and easy to see in the game. I will probably write an opinion on the weapons separately.


Officers are a key class on the battlefield. Not having at least one officer = a big loss in team strength. They give orders by whistle (no more than one order per team at a time), where players get experience for completing them when they kill the enemy, and officers get experience for following orders respectively, and are generally a good marker of where they should be. With the same whistle, commanders can briefly reset to 0 kd on revival, allowing you to instantly spawn. And only this class can draw defensive and offensive lines on the map, displayed for the entire team.

Calling up support is exactly what makes up the main firepower of this class, only officers have the ability to call up a wide range of different gimmicks, which are divided into three types: artillery, chemical troops and aviation, each type includes 5 types of support and has its own “reload”. The weaker the type of call, the faster the reloading goes and vice versa, which gives tactical leeway – no point waiting for a mustard gas attack if you can make do with a “cheaper” smoke screen to cover the attack, but also no point throwing smoke on the last target if you can throw mustard gas and kill at least a couple of players.

Support is only called to where the tag is placed with the officer’s flare gun (available initially). How do you fire it? You select the rocket launcher, open the map and interactively move the shot to where you want it to go. If you shoot twice in a short period, only the mark of the second shot will appear, in return the first call on any existing marker will be stronger than usual (137, not 120 seconds of gas cloud, not 4 shots with artillery, but 5, etc.).

In terms of weaponry the officer suffers, shall we say. Revolvers available are the Bodeo 1889 from Italy, the Rast and Gasser 1898 from Austria-Hungary and the Reichsrevolver M1883 from Germany: pretty killable in their class examples of weapons, +- stable in firing, but reloading is not fast and rate of fire not top. Other guns were Beretta M1915, Glisenti M1910 and Steyr-Hahn M1912 for Italy, Frommer Stop, Steyr-Hahn M1912, Roth-Steyr M1907 for A-H, for Germany – Luger P08 and Mauser C96, and Beretta M1915. They boast a fast rate of fire and relatively fast reloading, depending on the species, + quick aiming, but the kill rate leaves much to be desired, even at point-blank range (at a distance it evaporates completely), especially in Frommer Stop and Beretta, plus they are difficult to shoot (very little margin for error), which makes these weapons confined to close combat and more dependent on skill than the same rifle. And only by completing the level 18 test (the tooth-breaking one at the moment) will you be able to pick up a rifle (Carcano, M.95 and G98). That is, until this very 18th level your personal firepower will be rather questionable, in terms of versatility, well, that’s the price.

You only have 3 positions in your support equipment – a flare gun, binoculars and a flask:

  • Flare gun is the most versatile and in-demand – you’ll always need to make a new point to summon or reinforce a strike.
  • Binoculars allow you to spot enemies at a distance and tag them for a short period of time for the whole team, though it takes bread away from the scouts. Occasionally useful.
  • Canteen is an option for the assault when your support is recharging. Sip from onoy will give you a small period of unlimited endurance (run as long as you can) and slightly reduces the suppression, which is useful.

There are 5 perks and they are all eligible:

  1. Assault Officer – whistle recovery speed x2. That is, you will be able to take away 2 times the revival kd. Useful? Quite.
  2. Engineer Officer – you get an aura and in its radius of 2x the speed of construction and subversion of all co-commanders. Very situational thing, especially in a normal game with randoms. This perk is useful, but the others are usually more necessary.
  3. Frontline Officer – allows you to revive on squad leaders and squad leaders to revive on you. My favourite, the ability to simplify life by spawning as close to the action as possible is always useful and in demand. Don’t forget that in case of trouble, you may get bailed out by your squad leader and the rest of the squad members.
  4. Alpine Officer – allows the officer to spawn on all players who are near/on target. Less versatile than the combat officer, usefulness is situational.
  5. Inspirational Officer – All players in the commander’s aura gain x2 stamina and weapon spread by x0.5. Very useful for the team, both when attacking and defending.


Riflemen are the lifeblood of war. There is no limit to their number and, at first glance, they seem to be the most dull class. Fortunately this is far from the case, riflemen are versatile and have unique chips that make them very dangerous in demand in combat. Of course, I’m talking about rifle grenades and boxes of ammunition now.

The weapon set can be described as: rifles, rifles, rifles… and rifles? Yes, Italians have Carcano M1891, Vetterli M870/87/15, Carcano M1891 with rifle grenades, Vetterli-Vitali M870/87 and trophy M.95 with rifle grenades. The Austrians had M.95, M.88-90, M.95 with rifle grenades, M.13 and the captured Carcano M1891 with rifle grenades. Germans have G.98, G.88/05, G.98 with rifle grenades, unique G.98 with trench magazine (for 20 rounds), and trophy Carcano M1891 with rifle grenades.

To your taste, so to speak. I would like to mention that rifle grenades are 3 by default and they are quite oblique, also these kits have no bayonet. And the process of putting on a rifle grenade is not the quickest. In return you get the ability to toss essentially grenades at a decent distance without getting hit by the enemy. A fearsome weapon in competent hands.

There are only 2 positions in the supporting equipment, but what an ammo box or a single grenade. The ammo box is Polischel’s real secret – it’s very useful, but not everyone notices it. Carrying the box allows you to replenish ammo (and ammo for flares) from yourself or from any of your allies, which gives you points. Furthermore, you can also replenish ammo from stationary machine guns, cannons and mortars, that’s the main treasure. Of course there’s a one minute limit to recharge after you’ve used up your ammo on the stationary pieces, but that’s a minor thing before you can harass the enemy with your mortars for the entire battle. The grenade, on the other hand…outside of replenishing everything you can, is the most needed thing in both defensive and offensive operations. The Austrians have the Rohrhandgranate (alt), the Italians have the Baldari, the Germans have the Stielhandgranate M.16

Perks as it happens 5:

  1. Ammo Carrier – gives you the ability to create a stationary box of ammo (but not grenades, this also applies to portable). Yes, you can carry an ammo box and create a stationary one separately at the same time. It is always useful to have one near the points.
  2. Point-Man – weight becomes 1.1 when grabbed (default is 1). Not much use for a single player, although with an equal number of players on the ground, will allow you to pull the capture zone on yourself a little bit at a time. In general, perk with little use, not trash, but also not something straight arch-necessary.
  3. Rifle Grenadier – x2 number of rifle grenades and their accuracy x2. My favourite, and if you’re playing as a grenadier shooter, you essentially have no choice. Firstly you get 6 surprises, versus 3, and secondly, with this perk you at least start to at least +- accurately shoot them.
  4. Marksman – weapon’s spread x0.5. Versatile, useful, necessary.
  5. Chaplain – bandage speed x2. The same is true for the other players, but you can always bandage yourself or your allies in time, unless you count crows. Working as a medic in this game won’t work either, so… sometimes useful, but there are better options.


Specific class that will always come in handy on the battlefield. They have few weapon options, but the point is that engineers are the best builders. Only this class can build stationary guns (machine guns, cannons and mortars), only they can cover passages with barbed wire and also build sandbags, barbed wire and sniper shields in any suitable location (the number of structures they can build is limited). They don’t have standard shovels, but have hammers, which are worse in close combat, but allow you to build and dismantle everything faster. A competent engineer will give a lot of headache to attackers, and thanks to perks, the engineer in the attackers can quickly make or break something.

There are only 3 basic weapons – rifle, carbine and trophy carbine. Carcano M1891, Moschetto Per Truppe Speciali Mo.91 and a trophy Repetierstutzen M.95 (carbine) at Italians, M.95, carbine M.95 and a trophy Mo.91 at Austrians. G.98, Kar.98AZ and captured Mo.91 from German army. Not much, but what can you do.

Secondary weapon we have is revolver (Bodeo 1889/Rast and Gasser 1898/Reichsrevolver M1883. and grenade, and if Italians have Baldari, Austrians have “advanced” Rohrhandgranate (Neu). The Germans have the M.17. Both are useful, take them according to the situation.


  1. Wire Company – x2 speed of cutting and erecting barbed wire, attacking engineers can blow up passages between unbreakable rows of barbed wire, after which these holes can no longer be caulked. The description says it all, quickly building or cutting barbed wire at the start of a stage is expensive, but no more than that.
  2. Sapper Company – speed of mines and mine clearance +33%. Specific thing, especially since you still have to break through to a place with explosives. Useful only in specific situations, otherwise change it.
  3. Support Company – the speed of building and control of machine guns and mortars x2. Quick to build, quick to fire – that’s the motto of this perk. By speed of control we mean reloading and aiming speed of the mortar.
  4. Death Company – gives wearable armor, which reduces damage from shrapnel and suppression. This perk changes your uniform to perc, adding armour and, optionally, the Italians also have a unique helmet. The practical sense is there, albeit not a particularly big one. It will give you an extra chance to survive the effects of grenade/explosive shrapnel, which isn’t a bad thing.
  5. Engineering Company – speed of building and sabotage x2. The most versatile perk, but opens very late.


The name says it all – assault rifles are in charge of attacking and spitting on points. Carbines, pistols, bladed weapons, grenades and machine guns are all about them.

The basic weapons are limited to 4 variants: carbine (Mo.91/M.95/Kar.98AZ), pistol (Beretta M1915/Steyr-Hahn 1912/P08 Luger), light machine gun (Villar Perosa/Madsen/MG08/15. and trophy carbine (M.95 and Mo.91). As it’s easy to see, all of it is primarily aimed at close combat, and while there are few options, they are all different.

Auxiliary equipment provides for 4 options:

  • Canteen – the same as the officer’s. If you need to make a flanking maneuver and run a lot, that’s fine.
  • Two grenade variants (2 of each by default), openable in different tests – Baldari and Spaccamela OSP for Italians, Rohrhandgranate (alt) and Rohrhandgranate (neu) for Austrians, Stielhandgranate M1917 and Eierhandgranate M1917 for Germans. The most important weapon of the Stormtrooper.
  • Cold weapons – Arditi dagger for Italians, Mace for Austrians, Trenchknife for Germans. For making a mess of the stance.


  1. Saboteur – sabotage speed x2. Name speaks for itself – for those who like to sneak into the enemy’s rear and break there point of rebirth, machine guns, and so on. Specific perk for specific situations.
  2. Grenadier- allows you to create a box with grenades, from which you can refill them. This applies not only to hand grenades, but also to rifle grenades. One assault rifleman may place no more than 1 grenade box at a time and their total number is also limited. Archipelagic stuff. Also, if you have grenades, with this perk you initially appear with 3 grenades instead of 2. However, only 2 will be replenished.
  3. Veteran – slow down due to bleed x4. As far as I understand, you will have almost no slowing down due to wounding. Doubtful usefulness.
  4. Support Gunner – suppression by light and stationary machine guns x4. Useful if you took a machine gun and cover the offensive co-combatants. Yes, and during the direct assault with a machine gun in front of you will come in handy.
  5. Quikshot – aiming speed x2. For fans to fly into the heat of battle – can be useful, and in general for sharp encounters, especially machine gunners who have speed limp.


Mountaineer is the most versatile class in the game. Support of all kinds is him. The frenzied onslaught and best hand-to-hand is him. Shooting at range? He can be great at that too.

The main weapon provides a choice of only 4 options: 3 carbines and a rifle. Not much, but there are some unique specimens. The M.95 carbine, the M.90 and the trophy Moschetto da Cavalleria Mo.91 and the Austrian M.95 rifle. Italians have Moschetto da Cavalleria Mo.91, Vetterli Mo.1870/87/15 T.S., trophy carbine M.95 and Carcano Mo.1891 rifle. The Germans have the Kar.98AZ, Kar.88, G.98 and the trophy Moschetto da Cavalleria Mo.91.

Carbines are basic tools, while rifles are more suitable for those who decide to use the potential of this class in range shooting.

Auxiliary equipment is represented by as many as 5 types:

  • Binoculars – the miner’s working tool. Detect and illuminate enemies for the whole team, gain experience. Profit.
  • Flares – like the officer’s, but works differently. Single shot highlights on the map in a certain area of all the enemies (where they were at the time of impact), double shot – the same + allows mortars in that area at once have a small scatter. Archipotent thing.
  • Canteen – all the same as the officer and the assault. One sip and our fighter forgets about fatigue.
  • Icepick – a machine of extermination of enemies, in conjunction with the perk for speed. If a miner with an ice pick manages to get behind enemy lines – expect big trouble and continuous tuk-tuk-tuk.
  • Horn – our brave man also plays the pipe. Horn allows for a short duration (after it expires the bugle will be ready again in about ten seconds) to create an aura around the soldier, which increases the rate of pulling the bolt, reloading and movement speed. Very useful, both for yourself and your team.


  1. Light Infantry – increased movement speed. Simply put, our fighter runs faster than everyone else, a real dynamo. And this is a very cool perk that always comes in handy when playing an active game, and is simply indispensable if you picked up an ice-axe.
  2. Observer – allows you to create a periscope. Well, a periscope is like binoculars, only stationary. And it can be used by anyone. somewhat questionable thing, in view of the fact that every time you have to pick up a position, and on the stationary target sooner or later will come.
  3. Alpinist – the speed of overcoming obstacles and climbing x2. Atmospheric perk, but the point escapes you. Yes, you’ll almost instantly climb different obstacles, but is it really necessary?
  4. Spotter – Duration of enemy detection x4. Very useful when playing on a team, when you spot the enemy on cd with binoculars.
  5. Sniper – scope multiplicity at breath hold +33%. The same perk where you need a rifle, for you become an ersatz sniper. Pretty awesome.


Marksman – again, the name speaks for itself. But there is a peculiarity – the number of rifles with scopes is very limited. However, he can stand up for himself even without them. The main camper class in the game, which nevertheless can perfectly participate in the battle on the front line.

The main weapons are represented by rifles. Carcano M1891 and it with optics, Vetterli M870/87/15, a trophy M.95 and it with optics from Italians. Austrians had M.95 with telescopes, Mannlicher-Schonauer M.03/14, Werndl 1873/77, Carcano M1891 trophy with telescopes. Germans have G.98, Scharfshutzen – Gewehr 98 with optics, G.88/05 and trophy Carcano, with and without optics.

Note that Austrians have unique Manlicher-Schönauer and single shot Werndl guns, which are not available anywhere else, while Germans have special sniper rifle.

Auxiliary weapons were pistols and revolvers – Bodeo 1889, Beretta M1915, Glisenti M1910 for Italians. Rast and Gasser 1898, Frommer Stop, Steyr-Hahn M1912 for Austrians. Reichsrevolver M1883, P08 and C96. Nothing new.


  1. Scout – a basic and very useful perk that increases the speed of aiming, bolt thrusting and reloading. The same effect, by the way, as the mountaineers horn, only here permanently.
  2. Sentry – gives body armor like the Engineer. That is, it slightly reduces shrapnel damage and suppression. Somewhat dubious thing for this class.
  3. Stalker – can not be detected (with the help of reconnaissance, that air, that with a rocket launcher, about binoculars not sure). Useful to keep you from being shaken by artillery in a sheltered position unnecessarily.
  4. Specialist – significant reduction in weapon wobble when lying down. Useful? Definitely.
  5. Elite marksman – breath hold time x2. Particularly relevant for people with optics.


As you can see, there are no useless classes in the game, and there’s also no definite item within them that you should take and forget about everything else. Don’t forget about changing perks and weapons to suit the situation, it may seem a bit cumbersome, but it pays off and playing trying something new is more interesting (as a rule).

Try not to forget about the team. Officer? Don’t forget to blow your whistle by taking kd’s off, put up actual orders, put up more call point and keep your team’s actions up. Sometimes it’s better to throw a moving smoke screen once than to summon large-caliber artillery ten times. Even a trivial box of ammo next to the respawn will make life a lot easier for officers, scouts with rocket launchers or snipers.

If there is a mortar man, and you’re a mountaineer with a flare gun – try to do a double-shot in the area, so that he has minimal trouble finding targets and waiting for the circle to be cleared. Yes, even if you take the mountaineer horn – you won’t get any points for your enhancement aura and it is unlikely you will get a thank you chat, but be aware – by sticking with a group of other players, you are still really helping them and adding more chances to the team’s victory.

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