Zombie Shooter – Widescreen Resolution (16:9) Fix

Play Zombie Shooter in 16:9 aspect ratio!


1280×720 (16:9) resolution patch for Zombie Shooter. Adjusts screens & HUD for said resolution.

Why 1280×720?

Maps are simply not designed for any resolution with more than 768 pixels vertically, higher resolutions also showcase a lot of behind the scenes work with scripts and enemies can be shot without them reacting. 1280×720 is the best resolution which allows 16:9 gameplay while maintaining the game design. Engine can crash on high resolutions.

Official Alien Shooter update also uses 1280×720.

Download & Installation


Extract .zip archive to main Zombie Shooter folder, should work with all game versions.


Notes: High scores tab might have broken listing every now and then.

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