TEKKEN 8 – Steam Deck Tips

Game is Playable, Optimization Tips

The game is playable on the Steam Deck with a couple performance dips here and there. There are ways to optimize this and get it as playable as Street Fighter 6. Story Mode is also playable with minimal dips if you’d like a single player experience.

You will get a large visual boost and increased performance using FSR in the game’s native Settings and then go to Steam Deck settings and make sure FSR is to on with Sharpness set to 5. This will add a huge boost to visual clarity.

You’ll need to downscale the resolution below 720P for performance next. You can go to Window settings and go below further more resolutions than what’s listed in Full Screen.

This will be objective for what you find tolerable in visual settings. What I found acceptable was setting the visuals to 800 x 450, making sure FSR 2.0 was set to Quality, and then making sure Sharpness was set to 5. The image wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, although, you will having artificating. Next,, I suggest putting all the settings to Low and testing your performance.

You do still have the ability to tweak certain settings up to Medium depending on your preference for framerate drops. Lastly, certain stages will run better than others. I do not know if there is a Stage Filtering option like Street Fighter 6, but any stage that does not have stage transitions with destruction will net you a close 60FPS for most of the time.

Have a very Tekken day.

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