Portal Stories: Mel – How to Play on Steam Deck

A quick guide to get the game running on your Steam Deck.

Configuration Guide

I took the time to figure out what changes needed to be made to play the game, so I figured I would share so you don’t have to spend the time of trial and error. The game runs pretty well on its own because it is just a Portal 2 Mod but it requires a little adjustment on the controller configuration to allow you to move about and look around.

  • Select ‘Play’ to open the game on your Steam Deck.
  • Once the game loads press the ‘steam’ button to pull up your overlay menu and select Controller settings
  • Select Controller Settings > Edit Layout > Joysticks
  • The right joystick will need to be set to ‘Joystick Mouse’ (I changed the sensitivity to 550 to make it a little more responsive)
  • The Left Joystick will need to be set to ‘Directional Pad’ With L-Up being set to W, L-Left = A, L-Down = S, L-Right = D.
  • And that is it. If I find more adjustments that need to be made I will update the guide. Happy playing everyone.


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