Treasures of the Aegean – All Priestesses Gemstones

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Missing one gemstone to obtain a priestess power? This guide will give you all gems locations, and how to unlock them.

This guide is designed to help you if you get really frustrated with a specific gemstone. Please, do yourself a favour and try seriously to get it before cheating.

Ariadnh’s Spirit

Note: Credit goes to Maximus Octave

To obtain Ariadnh spirit, go to a section of hives; you will see the gemstone behind a locked door.

Move to the open hive below, and then to the left. You will see a hidden tunnel to access the gemstone.

Ariadnh’s Faith

Go to the minotaur room.

There are two stone blocks above the minotaur, one to the left, and one to the right. Pull them in the minotaur room.

Place them right below the minotaur’s hands. Then use them to wall jump, and land on the minotaur’s hands.

Once both minotaur’s hands are down, it will split the gem.

Ariadnh’s Sacrifice

Move to the area with a sculpture of a Deep One (or a Murloc, depends on your background ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

There is a rock stone stuck on the left of this sculpture. Make it fall, and use it to climb on the hanging liana.

Use the momentum of liana balancing to jump on the left statue. The statue’s head will fall to the ground; and drop a golden brain. Place this brain, and the other one, on the plate below the Deep One. The Deep One will then spit a gem.

Note: It it doesn’t work, try to place the two brains right under each of the Deep One’s eye.

Ariadnh Altar

Now that you have the three gems, move next to Ariadnh altar, next to skull sculptures.

Move up (start from up left, and then move to the right), and reach the group of two stones attached with a chain. Move the hanging stone down, and cut the chain. It will fall on the right button. Then walk to the left button.

Now you can access the altar. Ariadnh ghost will move away, and you can follow her to a hive on the right.

Congratulations, you have now Ariadnh power!

Bansabira’s Spirit

To obtain Basibara’s spirit, move to the large “tower” on the right side of the map, then move to the large horizontal room below it.

Activate the lever. This will start a timer, and you will need to move up to the “tower” before the door shuts down.

First, jump on the right stone, and then croutch under the left stone.

Climb up, and then sprint ot the right.

I advise you to croutch when next to the door. This way, you may manage to move below the gap, even if visually the door is already shut.

Then move up, and you will arrive in front of a bell. Make it ring three times to get the gemstone.

Bansabira’s Faith

Move to the sector with a cart and lava. Move down the white platform.

Place the cart below the tube, and activate the tube. The cart will fill with precious stones. Pull the cart on the white platform, and move it up.

On the upper floor, pull the cart to the different ground section. Then activate the lever. The gemstone will be dropped on the lower floor.

Bansabira’s Sacrifice

This one requires skill and a bit of luck to obtain. First, move on the sector highlighted on the map, right to the snake priestess statue, and move as left as you can on the “stairs”.

Then sprint to the right, activate the lever while sprinting, and jump on the platform (marked with a “click”), then croutch under the closing door. You need to do all of this while sprinting, without stopping, to gain enough momentum.

Then jump to the right, keeping your momentum. You will land right next to the gemstone.

Good luck, you will probably need a couple of attemps before doing it right.

Bansabira Altar

Now that you have all gemstones, time to move to the altar.

Move to the skeleton, and hung to the liana. Then jump on the liana on the left, and climb up. then cut the cable.

The skeleton will fall down, allowing you to enter the altar room.

Now, you need to cross the three eyes in a short time. My advice: move the the left platform, fall on the leftmost eye, and then quickly activate the rightmost, then the center, while turning around right stone.

Warning: Before activating the altar, push down the stone blocking the exit. Else you will suffer while racing with Bansabira’s ghost.

Then follow Bansabira’s spirit to the left into an old ruin.

Congratulations! You now have Bansabira’s power!

Kitane’s Spirit

This one is a two-step task: first will will need to get a cog, then move to the lighthouse (leftmost) and activate it to retrieve the gemstone.

The cog is inside a house in the Minoan city.

Then move to the lighthouse top, and activate it. A cutscene will show you where to go.

Now you can go and get the gemstone.

Kitane’s Faith, Kitane’s Sacrifice, and Kitane Altar

The two other gems and the altar are in the same area, as you can see on below screenshot (the alter is leftmost). I will describe them from right to the left.

First, jump on the bell, and cut its rope. It will fall through the ground, giving you access to one gemstone.

Now move to the center room, and jump on the platforms, while avoiding the soldiers below.

Finally, move to the left, climb, and you will reach the altar.

Now you can follow Kitane’s ghost to a room in the city.

Congratulations, you now have Kitane powers!

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