Pajama Sam 4: Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff! – How to Run the Game on Steam Deck

How to get the game to run on the Steam Deck.

Guide to Run the Game on Steam Deck


  1. Switch to the Desktop.
  2. Install ProtonTricks Through the Store.
  3. In Protontricks Select Pajama Sam 4.
  4. Press Ok.
  5. Then Select “Select the default wineprefix”.
  6. Press Ok.
  7. Select Run winecfg.
  8. Press Ok.
  9. Click on the Drives Tab.
  10. Add a new drive by clicking “Add…” and selecting whatever drive letter.
  11. Click on the drive letter you just created.
  12. Click “Show Advance”.
  13. Change the type from “Autodetect” to “CD-ROM”.
  14. Click Apply.
    15 Click Ok.
  15. Cancel out of Protontricks until it closes.
  16. The game should now boot normally.

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