Knuckle Sandwich – Steam Deck / Linux Support Guide

Hey y’all! I made this message for all of you who are planning to play this game on the Steam Deck. Knuckle Sandwich has no native Linux support, and it requires a bit of tinkering to get the game to work.

Guide to Steam Deck / Linux Support

Note: Credit goes to londiebrondie


Hi there! I made this guide so that my fellow Linux / Steam Deck users can enjoy this great game!

Note: Please do not contact the developer of this game for Linux support, as he basically has no concept of Linux.


  • Step 1. Uninstall and Reinstall the game.
  • Step 2. Start the game and immediatly close it after it launches.
  • Step 3. Install Protontricks (it’s in the discover store).
  • Step 4. Launch Protontricks and in the list of games select “Knuckle Sandwich” and press “Ok”.
  • Step 5. Make sure “select the default wine prefix” is selected and press “Ok”.
  • Step 6. Select “install a Windows DLL or component” and click “Ok”.
  • Step 7. It should pull up a menu with a ton of checkboxes. Tick the “d3dcompiler_43” checkbox and hit “Ok”.
  • Step 8. Close out of Protontricks and enjoy the game!


Thanks for following my guide! Have fun with the game.

Jan Bonkoski
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