Zero Hour – Beginners Guide (How to Play)


Welcome to the very serious super tactical guide to Zero Hour. Here you will learn how to Enter the Building, shoot the bad guys, how to shoot the bad guys harder, which gadgets are useful to have, the economics of multiplayer along with any other intricacies in how Zero Hour is played.

How to Enter the Building

Welcome to the first section the pro gaming (very serious) guide, in this part of the guide you will learn to enter a building with minimum casualties. This section of the guide will be split into two parts: Coop and Multiplayer.


Clearing the perimeter of a building in Coop requires more fines than that of multiplayer, you must check the perimeter for any people that’d shooty shooty bang bang you before you and your squad notices. Now remember, we are civilised with our killings in Zero Hour coop so make sure that you press X to tell them to drop their gun and then immediately shoot them dead and claim it as self defence. Make sure after killing the man that you pick up his gun as that gives you ammo if the caliber matches your gun and gives you extra point among completing the mission.

Once you reach the door of the building be careful, the amount of noise you make can draw enemies to you, things that cause this areas follows, kicking doors, shooting guns, running or walking quickly etc. etc. there are tools to safely peak through doors such as the UDC (under door camera) and flash bangs to subdue any enemies in the room. My final tip for entering doors in Coop is always double check the base of the door for a trap, this trap is in the form of a wire with a grenade at the end and to disarm it all you need to do is crouch down and press “V” on the wire to cut the trap without detonating it, don’t shoot it as that deducts from your final score at the end.


For Multiplayer, you don’t have to worry about guys wandering the outside of the building, here you have a new breed of danger to watch out for, spawn peaks. Spawn peaks come in many forms, the common form being a window at a strange angle i.e the window on residential house stairs. A less common form of spawn peaking is kicking out the handle of a door to be able to see through and shoot anyone the wanders into sight i.e the doors on breaking meth facing into courtyard. Please remember that spawn peaking is against the rules of the game and that you really shouldn’t do it yourself anyway because it’s against the unspoken rule of the DBAA (Don’t Be An ♥♥♥) policy.

There are countermeasures put in by the devs to prevent spawn peaking buy adding invisible walls by windows to stop people from looking through them for the first minute of the round, making glass unbreakable for the first minute of the round and locking all doors for the first minute of the round. However, the devs are clumsy in the way they’ve countered this by forgetting to block some windows, making door handles breakable within the first minute, and applying the glass rule to all glass in the map so it can ♥♥♥ you over sometimes when you want to rotate through some glass in the first minute.

This concludes the first section.

Shooting Bad Guys and How to Do It More Efficiently

In this chapter of the beginner’s guide we’ll cover the art of subjecting your foes to an untimely chat with God. In Zero Hour enemies in multiplayer can feel a bit spongey at some points however, this can be mitigated by going for the head, all headshots in Zero Hour (not including the shotgun) are one shot kills.

There’s not much to say on this subject apart from try to aim for the head and minimise the size of your silhouette. In coop you damage is massively increased against bots and that’s all I really have to say on it.

Gadgets and Their Uses

Gadgets in Zero Hour are extremely important, gadgets allow you to dispose, gain intel or subdue your adversaries. The most important gadget in Zero Hour is possible the Frag grenade and Flare stick. Gadgets in zero hour consist of the following:


  • Frag grenades
  • Flashbangs
  • UDC (Under Door Camera)


  • Flare
  • Frag grenade
  • Flashbang
  • C4
  • Door Trap
  • Door Wedge

Please take note of these gadgets as they can be a deciding factor of winning the round.

Economics of Multiplayer

In Multiplayer there is a level of resource management on attack and defence. On attack there are a limited amount of weapons that can be selected and are lost when you drop them or die. Please be very careful with what weapons you take as the stock doesn’t replenish until teams swap sides.

Post operation Meghna defenders will be subject to limited weapon selection too. Defenders are also only given limited amounts of gadgets that seem to pick when they want to get lost. Also just don’t be a hoarder that takes all the guns and share with the team.

Good Luck

Good luck friend, may this information take you far and may you drink from the skulls of those who cross your path. Farewell buddy.

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