The Dream Libra Had – Achievements Guide

How to Unlock All Achievements


Complete game with “Awaken” ending.

You need 5 or more Heart charm.


Complete game with “Rest” ending.

You need 5 or more Body charm.

Quest Master

Complete the all quests.

Break Time

Buy beverage with the vending machine and coin.

Drag and drop coin onto vending machine. (Coin need to be in the bag first)


Amili and Libra (or Amili only) will consume tissues when sleeping if a tissue box is placed near the bed.

As they continue to consume, the tissue box will be empty and this achievement will be unlocked.

Garbage Collector

Throw used tissue or empty tissue box into trash can.


  1. Get all parts of fossil by shot the rocks with a gun (Head, Body, Right arm, Left arm, Right leg, Left leg, Tail)
  2. Place the parts on the bag or field like a jigsaw puzzle
  3. When placed all correctly, they will be combined automatically

Space Traveler

Go to space.

  1. Go to Coalmine3
  2. Stand on the strange pattern that drawn on southeast
  3. Register the place with the Map menu
  4. Jump to the registered place

Art Collector

Get the all paintings.

The all need to be there in the home or bag at same time.

Pink Penguin

Shot the ice rocks with a gun.

Pink one will appear by chance.


Kill unique inhabitant.

But you don’t have to do that on purpose, because you have to kill some during some quests, and this ahievement will be unlocked at the process.

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