Zero Escape: The Nonary Games – Full Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

This is a guide for the first game of the Zero Escape The Nonary Games franchise. I will try to make it as spoiler free as possible. I will also provide my personal route order for the best experience. This guide will also provide you the achievements of the game. I hope you’ll find this guide useful! Have fun escaping everyone…

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Ending Guide and Personal Order

In order to get the True Ending of the game you have to unlock the Zero Lost Ending first.

If you try to unlock the True Ending without witnessing the Zero Lost Ending first, the story will stop you and you’ll unlock the Coffin Ending instead. Personally it is a waste of time to unlock this one since you’ll unlock it anyway when you’ll unlock the True Ending of the story and also you’ll have to repeat the same rooms one more time. But for those of you who want to see this ending too I’ll provide the guide down below.

Personal ending order:

  • 1) Submarine Ending: Door 5 and Door 3.
  • 2) Knife Ending: Door 5, Door 7 and Door 6.
  • 3) Ax Ending: Door 4, Door 8 and Door 1.
  • 4) Coffin Ending: Door 4, Door 7 and Door 1.
  • 5) Zero Lost Ending: Door 5, Door 8 and Door 6.
  • 6) True Ending: Door 4 (Second Class Cabin choice: Take it), (Kitchen choice: It did seem rather odd), Door 7 (Operating Room choice 1: Know about ice-9? choice 2: …Gave her the 4-leaf clover), Door 1.

3rd Class Cabin

1) To the left of the water pouring in, check the bulletin board above the sink to get the Note from Bulletin Board. Below that, get the picture of the cruise liner.

2) To the right of the rushing water, open the tea kettle to get a blue key. Open the stove below the tea kettle to get a screwdriver.

3) In your inventory, combine the screwdriver and the picture of the cruise liner, then rotate the picture to see a hint on the back.

4) To the left of the door with the number 5 on it, check on the mirror, then check on the red object taped to the middle of the mirror to get a red key. This triggers a story segment.

5) To the right of the door with the number 5 on it, check on the bottom bunk, then check on the pillow to get a Memo from Bed.

6) Use the blue key on the blue briefcase. Then you need to enter the correct combination. The correct combination for the blue briefcase is 0263.

7) Check the red book in the briefcase to get a stack of blue key cards. This will also unlock some menu options with helpful information, and a digital root calculator.

8) Check on the curtain to the left of the tea kettle to find the red briefcase. Use the red key on it. The correct combination for the red briefcase is 7485.

9) Get the red key cards from the red briefcase.

10) Use both the blue and the red cards on the card reader to the right of the door. This starts a puzzle where you have to select three cards. You need to pick the numbers that have a digital root of 5. The correct numbers are 7, 6, and 1.

11) Open the door with the number 5 on it to escape.

1st Class Cabin

1) Get the glass plate from under the pillow of the bed. This triggers a story section.

2) Get the glass plate from the cupboard in the closet in the bedroom (there are two doors side-by-side, the one on the right is the closet).

3) Go to the fireplace room (use the door next to the closet in the bedroom).

4) Get the vase from the table.

5) Get the glass plate from the cupboard in the closet of the fireplace room (there are two doors side-by-side, the one on the left is the closet).

6) Go into the hallway and tap the nearest door.

7) Use the vase on the water in the bathtub.

8) Pull the plug on the bathtub and get the glass plate.

9) Go back to the fireplace room and use the vase full of water on the coals in the fireplace.

10) Get the ceramic plate. This will trigger a story section.

11) Go to the piano in the bedroom and take the map from the music stand.

12) Use a glass plate on the music stand.

13) Examine the glass plates and you will reach the piano puzzle screen.

The notes that you have to play are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th WHITE piano keys from the left. (You don’t use the black keys.) The full set of notes that you should play, using the numbers mentioned above, are:

  • 3, 4, 5, 6
  • 3, 5, 4, 3
  • 4, 3, 5, 6
  • 6, 5, 4, 3

14) The door will unlock after you play those notes. Open the door to escape.


1) Get the playing cards from the card table with chairs, the bar under the glasses, the bar near the bottles, the baccarat table, and the fireplace mantle.

2) Turn on the two lights on the fireplace mantle to see the Club, Diamond, and Heart on the mirror.

3) Get the casino coins that falls onto the firewood after you turn the two lamps on.

4) Tap the second coin slot.

5) Tap the Spin Roulette button on the bottom left.

6) Press the club, diamond, and heart buttons, in that order, to get a 777.

7) Get the playing card and Venus Key from the slot machine drawer.

8) Go to the baccarat table and tap on the three spaces for cards. This will trigger a story segment. The number that your cards add up to will have to have 9 in the ones place.

Tap on the three card spots to select them. Then tap a card that you want to put onto the table. The solution to this puzzle is: 2, 3, 4.

9) Get the 8 card that was behind the glass.

10) Go over to the door that is in the corner by the slot machines.

11) Tap the thing on the wall that says LOCK.

12) Tap the empty card slot and put the number 8 card in there.

13) When the thing on the right slides up, put the remaining three cards in there.

14) Open the door to escape.


1) Get the ethanol from the unlocked lockers to the left of the computer.

2) Get the power cable which is located on top of the computer equipment next to the large computer console.

3) Look through the large window and tap the table to the right of the mannequin once.

4) Hand the ethanol through the bars.

5) Go back to the large window and tap the table to the right of the mannequin 3 times.

6) Tap into the bars to get the note with the grid on it.

7) Go to the computer monitor and tap it while holding the power cable.

8) Go back to the large window and tap the machine that is just above the mannequin’s head.

9) Go into the bars to get the two-prong adapter.

10) Combine the two-prong adapter with the power cable.

11) Use the power cable on the computer monitor.

12) When the computer turns on, tap the puzzle in the order described on the paper that you got from the bars:

  • 3 2
  • 4
  • 1

13) Take the Earth Key and the small key from the green lockers on the right. This will trigger a story section.

14) Use the small key on the computer console in the middle of the room.

15) Go to the large window and tap the machine on the wall in the top-left 2 times.

16) Turn left to see the two doors that have a green light on them.

17) Tap the green door on the right.

18) Open the green door on the left to escape.

Steam Engine Room

1) Go up the stairs that have a display on the wall with sliding switches.

2) Go through door A, then go through door B.

3) Tap the wheel on the winch to make it fall off.

4) Go back through door B, then through door A, then through door C.

5) Use the wheel on the winch here. This will trigger a story section.

6) Go downstairs and get the console from the left side of the conveyor belt.

7) Open the door in the conveyor belt and use the console on the hole.

8) Tap the console to press the button and turn on the conveyor belt.

9) Take the box of coal from the left side of the conveyor belt.

10) Turn around and tap the three circular metal things with rectangular doors in them. This should open the rectangular doors.

11) Use the coal on the rectangular openings.

12) Go up the stairs and tap the sliding switch on the right hand side. The gear wheels will rotate.

13) Examine each gear wheel to find a metal disc in each one.

14) Take the three disks up the other set of stairs and put them into the machine next to the door.

15) Put the gold disc on the bottom left, the bronze disc on the bottom right, and the silver disc on the top. Then rotate each disc until the red sun is in the middle. This will trigger a story section.

16) Open the door to escape.

Cargo Room

1) Examine all of the sand bags in the room to find a card in each one.

2) Look in the small box next to a sand bag for another card.

3) Examine the numbered boxes for another card.

4) Look in the box to the right of the numbered boxes for two more cards.

5) Once you have found all nine cards, use them on the numbered boxes. This will trigger a story section.

6) Take the numbered pins to the machine at the top of the stairs and tap the lower part of the machine where the six holes are.

7) Use the pins to light up all eight of the unlit lights. Each row of three will light up a light. The pins will light up whichever light is the digital root of the three pins. The solution to this puzzle is:

  • 9 6 4 = 1
  • 7 3 1 = 2
  • 9 1 2 = 3
  • 6 3 4 = 4
  • 9 8 6 = 5
  • 1 2 3 = 6
  • 9 5 2 = 7
  • 1 3 4 = 8

8) The solution to the next puzzle is:

  • 2 7 6
  • 9 5 1
  • 4 3 8

9) After solving the puzzle tap the control stick on top of the machine. You will have to tell the Pushmaster 5000 where to go.

  • 1-Up
  • 2-Right
  • 3-Up
  • 4-Right
  • 5-Right
  • 6-Down
  • 7-Right
  • 8-Down
  • 9-Down
  • 10-Down
  • 11-Left
  • 12-Left
  • 13-Up
  • 14-Right
  • 15-Down
  • 16-Right
  • 17-Up
  • 18-Left
  • 19-Left
  • 20-Down
  • 21-Left
  • 22-Up
  • 23-Left
  • 24-Up
  • 25-Up
  • 26-Right
  • 27-Right
  • 28-Right
  • 29-Down
  • 30-Down
  • 31-Left
  • 32-Down
  • 33-Right
  • 34-Up
  • 35-Up
  • 36-Up
  • 37-Left
  • 38-Left
  • 39-Down
  • 40-Left
  • 41-Down
  • 42-Right
  • 43-Right
  • 44-Right

10) Go downstairs and head to the caged area. Climb the crates on the right to reach the coffin.

Tap the coffin and examine the interior. You will find the rusty key and a revolver. This will trigger a story section.

11) Use the rusty key on the door that is partway up the stairs to escape.

2nd Class Cabin

1) Get the matches from the table. This will trigger a story section.

2) Go into the bedroom of the room and get the map from above the bed. This will trigger a story section.

3) Turn around and open the dresser to get the dresser key.

4) Go to the other bedroom.

5) Get the candle from the table and combine it with the matches.

6) Go into the dark bedroom with the candle.

7) Unlock the dresser with the dresser key.

8) Open the dresser drawer and get the tile.

9) Get the shower curtain from the bed in the dark bedroom.

10) Get the candlestick key.

11) Use the candlestick key on the display case.

12) Get the tile out of the display case. This will trigger a story section.

13) Step into the shower of the bathroom where there’s no shower curtain.

14) Put the shower curtain on the hooks and step out of the shower.

15) Close the shower curtain and look through the hole.

16) Go to the other bathroom and get the tile from the wall (fifth from left, third from top).

17) Use the tiles in the picture that has only one tile. Slide the lower-right tile to the upper left and rotate it 2 times, then rotate the upper-right tile once.

18) Get the Mars Key from behind the picture. This will trigger a story section. The correct answer is ”A dog” but even if you choose something else it won’t affect the ending that you’ll get.

19) Use the Mars Key on the double doors in the hall.


1) Get the whetstone from next to the sink.

2) Go into the storage room to the right of the teapot.

3) Move the white sheet and get the rusty knife from the wooden box. This will trigger a story section. You can choose whatever you want, it won’t affect the story.

4) Move the middle cheese from the second shelf from the top to get the bottle of oil from behind it.

5) Use the bottle of oil on the bar on the door to the left of the storage room, then move the bar and go into the room. This will trigger a story section.

6) Get the dry ice and frozen chicken from the freezer box. This will trigger a story section.

7) Get the pork from the bottom left shelf of the shelf that is to the right of the freezer box.

8) Get the bottle and the rope from the trap door.

9) Combine the frozen chicken with the dry ice. Then combine the dry ice with the bottle. Then combine the rope with the bottle.

10) Use the bottle on the frozen door handle. This will trigger a story section.

11) When you’re out of the freezer, use the pork on the grill.

12) Combine the whetstone with the rusty knife.

13) When the pork is done, combine the sharp knife on it.

14) Enter 43 into the oven door keypad.

15) Get the Saturn Key Card and use it on the door to escape.

Operating Room

1) Get the forceps from the table near Lucy mannequin.

2) Get the scalpel from the table near the medical model with its organs showing.

3) Use the forceps on the medical model with its organs showing.

4) Use the scalpel on the fake lung.

5) Get the fake torso from the table near the medicine cabinet in the operating area.

6) Go to the curtain and turn right. Use the organ key on the nearest door.

7) In the room with all the medicine, get the bottle of red liquid and bottle of blue liquid from the table

8) The note on the table says Iron=1 Salt=2 Water=3 Carbon dioxide=? Ammonia=? Ethanol=?

The solution is 3 4 9.

9) Use the code on the safe to unlock it. Get the arm and the heart from it.

10) Exit from the room. This will trigger a story section.

11) Once you’re out of the room, use the organ key on the other door and go to the room that has the three color-coded lockers.

12) Get the clipboard out of the drawers.

13) Put the blue liquid into the beaker and turn the light on. Then put the red liquid into the beaker. Then put the blue liquid in again to turn it purple. Each time, it will unlock one of the three lockers.

14) Get the legs and stomach from the lockers.

15) Go back to Lucy (the covered-up mannequin) and use one of the fake body parts while tapping her head or arm. Then tap her completed mannequin.

16) Switch all of their parts except for the heart.

17) Go to John’s operating table and check the scale to find the Jupiter Key.

18) Go to the room with the three lockers and use the Jupiter key on the door to escape.

Chart Room

1) Get the map from the drawers near the door.

2) Hold the map and examine the map on the wall.

3) Get the pocket watch from the drawer. This will trigger a story section.

4) Go to the wheelhouse and examine the engine order telegraph.

5) Step back and then tap on the ship’s steering wheel (the one near the engine order telegraph)

Tap the arrows to make the ship go in these directions: S, W, SW, NW, E, N. The wheel will spin until you tap stop. When you tap stop, the wheel will continue to spin until it reaches the next compass direction (meaning you don’t have to time it perfectly in order to get it to stop at the direction that you want).

6) Take the handle and use it on the engine order telegraph. Make the telegraph go at these speeds in this order: FULL, HALF, SLOW, FULL, HALF, DEAD SLOW, STOP

7) Use the pocket watch on the wall display that has the fuzzy white marks on it.

8) Use the watch on the watch-shaped lock in the door.

Captain’s Quarters

1) Get the music box which is located near the bed.

2) Get the piece of paper with the numbers and letters on it from the desk drawer below the video displays.

3) Tap the keyboard in front of the video displays.

4) Tap one of the screens that spell “zero”. This will trigger a story section.

5) Go into the communications room.

6) Get the screwdrivers from the desk.

7) Combine the screwdrivers with the music box.

8) Get the ink from the drawer.

9) Combine the ink with the cylinder from the music box.

10) Get the piece of paper from the desk drawer next to the locked drawer.

11) Combine the paper with the inky cylinder.

12) Tap the communication equipment on the desk with the locked drawer, then tap the telegraph on the right side.

13) Tap the telegraph button to make a dot. Hold down the telegraph button to make a dash. Replicate the pattern from the piece of paper.

14) Open the drawer that has the wire on it.

15) Get the book. This will trigger a story section.

16) Get the key from the drawer.

17) Go to the door that the video camera is pointing at.

18) Use the key on the door lock.

The code for the door lock is 35 14 27 24.

19) Open the door to escape.

Shower Room

1) Get the toilet paper, the luminol, the bucket, and the mop from the left hand bathroom stall. After getting the mop a story section will be triggered.

2) Combine the toilet paper with the broom, then press Search while looking at the broom in the item screen, and you will see that it says 634+ on it.

3) Use the Luminol on the wall with the blood letters, near the exploded body.

4) Press the light switch next to the letters to reveal:

  • L L L
  • L R R

5) Go over to the showers and open the panel in the wall. Change the valves so they match the pattern that you found in the previous step ( Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right).

6) Use the bucket on the shower to fill it with hot water.

7) Go over to the drain and tap the card to get the Mercury Key Card.

8) Open the tank of the middle toilet and use the bucket of hot water in the tank.

9) Get the screwdriver from the toilet tank.

10) Step back and flush the toilet.

11) Open it up to see 185 =.

12) Touch the thermometer on the wall to the left of the exit. This will trigger a story section.

13) Use the screwdriver on the thermometer to get the thermometer.

14) Use the thermometer on the shower.

15) You will get a piece of paper that says 957+.

16) Open the toilet tank of the rightmost toilet to get the Red Card.

17) Use the red card, then the blue card, on the exit lock. It has to be done in that order.

18) The code can be determined from the three numbers you found: 634 + 957 + 185 = 1776. Enter 1776 in the card reader and it will unlock.

19) Open the door to escape.

Confinement Room

1) Get the handle from the flusher next to the toilet in the leftmost room.

2) Remove the cardboard tube from the toilet paper holder in the leftmost room.

3) Take the rod off of the toilet paper holder in the leftmost room.

4) Combine the handle and rod to make a screwdriver.

5) Turn and face the exit of the leftmost room. Hold the screwdriver and check the top of the desk, and tap the screw to remove the screws.

6) Remove the drawer from the desk.

7) Get the towel from the bed of the middle room.

8) Remove the drawer from the desk of the middle room.

9) Use the screwdriver on the drawer with the weird handle.

10) Put the faucet handle on the sink in the middle room.

11) Turn the sink on.

12) Put the drawer with the normal handle into the desk of the middle room.

13) Open the drawer and take out the tile.

14) Get the tile from the sink in the leftmost room. This will trigger a story section.

15) Use the drawer that has the mirror on it on the shaft of light in the rightmost room.

16) Tap both of the mirrors in the dark room to see 4 and 7, which corresponds to sun and moon.

17) Go to the leftmost room and flush the toilet four times.

18) Go to the middle room and flush the toilet seven times.

19) Open the drawer in the rightmost room and get the two tiles.

20) Go to the door that says EMERGENCE and tap the tiles.

21) Exchange the 4 E’s with your 4 tiles.

22) Open the door to escape.

Torture Room

1) Get the wrench from the table in the corner.

2) Use the wrench on the port hole on the water tank.

3) Reach into the opened port hole to find the Sun key.

4) Tap the green monitor. To solve the puzzle, turn all of the switches on except the bottom-left switch, then tap Check in the bottom-left corner.

5) Go over to the console with the two levers, and tap the yellow lever until the window below the chair lights up.

6) Read the dead shark: E, D, B, F.

7) Go back to the console and turn on the E D B and F buttons.

8) Use the Sun key to unlock the manacles on the chair.

9) Check the green monitor again. This will trigger a story section.

10) Use the red curved arrows to rotate the head. On the left side of the head, turn both switches to 2. On the right side, turn both switches to 1. Then press Check in the bottom left corner and the door of the room will unlock.

11) Open the door to escape.


1) Check all of the bookshelves until you have found three pop-up books. Be sure to examine each book to make it open.

2) Look for a bookshelf that has a set of scrambled letters on the spines. Rearrange them to say OPEN BULB. Get the bulb that appears.

3) Look for a bookshelf that has some holes in it and tap it to find another bulb.

4) Go downstairs and look for a locked door. Examine it more closely to see some numbered books behind the glass. Use those numbers, 632415, to unlock the lock. Get the bulb from inside.

5) Once you have the three pop up books, go to the circular thing on the bottom floor and use the books and bulbs there. It will say Sheldrake-5. Tap the words. This will trigger a story section.

6) Go to the shelf on the bottom floor that has the Sheldrake books. Tap the one that says Sheldrake-5.

7) Go upstairs to where there is a keyboard and screen. The Roman numerals are like the ZERO code from the captain’s quarters. The numerals spell out DEAD. So enter that into the computer.

8) Go through the right door which is now unlocked to escape.


1) Get the chart from the drafting table. Then find a machine that has a wheel that you can turn. Turn the wheel in the following directions: S, W, SE, NE, E, N, E. You will get the Helm Emblem.

2) Look for a cabinet that contains a morse alphabet note. Open the closed compartment on the right to find a coffin that says All-Ice on it. Touch the blue monitor nearby and then spell out ICE in morse code:

  • ..
  • -.-.
  • .
  • .

You will get the code emblem.

3) Tap the other tall monitor to find a puzzle with a square of numbers and letters. The configuration that solves the puzzle is:

  • 64
  • 1F5
  • 9 C

To get them that way, tap 5, tap the center square, then tap D. You will get the cross emblem.

4) Now find the computer where you can put the emblems into the table. Use each emblem to get a door puzzle on the screen. You need to do the first three to get the final emblem. Here are the solutions.

  • 6: 3 4 5, 3: 1 2 3 7 8
  • 1: 2 3 5, 7: 4 6 7 8
  • 7: 4 5 7, 7: 2 6 8

Inspect the coffin. Then return to the computer and do the final puzzle:

  • 8: 2 4 5 7 8 (leave 9 empty).

5) You will get a key card. Use it on the exit to escape.

Final Puzzle

1) To solve the puzzle, click the numbers in the bottom row and swap them with the letters in the above grid so that the word on the bottom is PASSWORD.

2) On the next screen, you are asked to enter a password. The password is: 9.

Achievement Guide

1) We All Die By a Yellow Submarine – Saw the Submarine ending in 999.

2) Let Me Ax You a Question – Saw the Ax ending in 999.

3) Cut and Run – Saw the Knife ending in 999.

4) Chance of Loss is Not Zero – Saw the Zero Lost ending in 999.

5) A Sixth Sense of What’s Coming – Saw all previews in 999 (You have to unlock the Coffin and the Safe Ending).

6) Seek a Way Out Again – Gained all Memories of Escape in 999 (You have to unlock every escape room).

7) Is That Your Final Answer? – Solved the final question in 999.

8) Don’t Forget Your Towel – Finished all scenarios in 999 (You have to unlock all 6 endings).

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