Your Turn To Die: Death Game By Majority – Attraction Assistance Guide (Chapter 2)

Need help with attractions? Wanna get the achievement for doing all of them, or just figure out which ones are best for you to do? Well, this guide is for you!

Attractions (Sorted by Difficulty)

‘ll list off the easiest attractions then follow them with medium/normal difficulty, then hard and mention the best (easiest) character to play them with.


  • Quick Draw (Easy by default, kept easy with Sou or Nao. Sou can see what weapon will be used in advance while Nao gives you an extra second of reaction time by getting a premonition. However, if you have a bad reaction time, I’d recommend using Reko instead, as she delays the time between the weapon being displayed and the opponent attacking.)
  • Charge Card Battle (Normal by default, made easy with Keiji, as when you play as him he can occasionally see two of the opponent’s cards.)
  • Arm Wrestling (Normal by default, made easy with Keiji. He slows down the bar to make hitting within the correct boundary easier.)


  • Runaway Minecart (Easiest with Gin, who offers more speed-boosts. If you don’t get it on your first try, don’t be discouraged! I didn’t either because I couldn’t unscrew the metal bars. You’ll probably get it on your second or third try!)
  • Hide n’ Seek (It becomes easier with Alice, whomst gets a little “!” by his icon when he is about to get caught by a demon to indicate to the player they need to reposition him behind the rock. A little tip for the red-haired demon, when he stops moving, he’s about to turn around., and the mask demon often appears shortly after him.)
  • Spirit Shutter (It’s kinda like Gin’s birdcage game. It gets made easier with Reko, who will give you a warning briefly before a spirit pops up to give you extra time.)
  • Memory dance (I know what you’re thinking. “WHAT?! This is the hardest, girl!!” It’s not if you can use another device like your phone to record the dance and use Reko to make it easier as she remembers the last few moves made and you can always look at the recording you took to help.)


  • Stay on Target (Made easier with Reko. When you play as her the area of concentration becomes slower, allowing for more reaction time. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend doing this one if you don’t aim for the achievement, as it was a bit tedious, at least for me.)
  • Fly Swatter (No characters change/ease the difficulty for this one, but the best out of the three would most likely be Gin if you’re trying to get it over with, as he sometimes recovers health for Sara when you play as her.)

If you don’t wanna do all the minigames (you just wanna get past this part of the game) remember that you can trade in 30/60 me-tokens from other characters for 1/2 free clears!

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