Wrought Flesh – How to Max Out Agility

This guide tells you how to get the fastest build of the game. Make the game run so fast lag spikes start to occur.


This guide tells you how to get the most agile and fastest build of the game. I tried keeping this guide spoiler free, just know that you need to follow the main questline up until the second boss fight in order to be able to follow this guide.

With the exception of picking the starting body parts which can result in a loss of 3 agility points.


Upon starting the game be sure to pick the lower torso of Conanshe of Blik, the left leg of Minhothey of Malfuth and the right leg of Dytishe of Alfunsur as these choices add 3 points to agility in total.

Organs / Materials Needed

We only need two types of organs:

  • 12 x Restitution shards
  • 1 x Iron lung


Quick disclaimer: it’s recommended to first get the restitution shards and afterwards get the iron lung, this because the shards cancel out the damaging effect of the lungs!

In order to get these organs you’ll need to defeat the boss of the second area eleven times in a row. Each time you defeat him, return back from where you came and he’ll respawn. He leaves behind one restitution shard each time he is defeated and is the only boss that can be farmed for it, as it’s the only one that respawns in the game. Combine these eleven shards with the restitution shard you got after defeating the first boss and you’ll have twelve in total.

After that you need to do the quest of Samthem located in Neorata, a city at the center of the second area.

Samthem himself is located inside the market of Neorata:

Follow the tunnels inside until you find the market:

On your left is Samthem, the guy handing out the quest leading to the iron lung:

Starting this quest will lead you to the location of the iron lung, just keep heading east of Neorata until you are greeted by a merchant.

Talk to the merchant and he’ll give you access to a freezer with the organ stored inside.

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