Way of the Hunter – Weapon / Ammunition Energy Values 50m-200m

Quick reference table for energy values from 50m-200m.


Quick reference Table of energy values by calibre. All values listed are taken ingame useing the shootingrange targets 50m and 200m. I don’t list weapon tiers since they are misleading and or just a simple reference for those not knowing what impact energy is.

This is by no means Information to spread out phrases like weapon XYZ has the best energy values. This table is only created with the soul purpose in mind of haveing something as a quick reference since the game is lacking a centralized information site inside game menus.


WeaponAmmunitionEnergy 50m/54yEnergy 200m/218y
Steyr Zephyr II.22LR170.6j151.8j
Steyr Scout.223 Win1575.9j1290.0j
Grandpas Old Rifle.30-301698.1j1463.0j
Remington 783.243 Win2962.2j2611.6j
Steyr Pro Hunter.243 Win2962.2j2611.6j
Steyr Pro Hunter II7mm-08 Rem.2996.0j2500.0j
Steyr Monobloc.308 Win3497.0j3301.9j
Steyr SM12.300 Win4670.2j4411.9j
Steyr Carbon CL II.338 LM6001.4j5658.6j

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