TRIBES 3: Rivals – Guide to Roles

Flag Defense

When your flag is home: You’re the the primary flag defender. Stick to your flag like glue and look to kill or body block incoming Cappers. When possible, take pot shots at enemy Clearers.

When your flag is in the field: Even when your flag is taken, you’ll want to stay near your stand. This is for two main reasons:

  • To ensure your team’s flag carrier has a team mate to pass the flag to when they return home.
  • To stop enemy “regrabs” who are angling to take your flag once it is returned.

When both flags are in the field: You’re the primary person your friendly flag carriers will rely on to pass the flag to during standoffs. Look to escort them home, but don’t stray too far from the flagstand.

Useful Tips:

  • Survivalist is very strong here, as you’ll benefit greatly from picking up enemy health nuggets after a kill.
  • If you kill an enemy Capper and they drop your flag near your base, instead of immediately returning it, you can shoot to bounce the flag into a disadvantageous position to make it harder for the next Capper to pick up.

Recommended Armors:


Recommended Packs:

  • Medium: Shield Pack
  • Heavy: Dome Shield, Regen Statio


When your flag is home: Defend your flag from incoming Cappers and fend off enemy Clearers. Call out Capper positions to your team mates whenever possible.

When your flag is in the field: Pursue enemy Cappers and look to return your flag at all costs. With the Chaser perk, you get a free disk jump to jumpstart your “Chasing” route and chase down the enemy flag carrier. Impact Nitron is a must-pick because it causes the enemy to instantly drop the flag on hit. Chainguns are highly recommended as they are the best way to take down the enemy Capper when they’re moving quickly.

Useful Tips:

  • During a standoff, Stealth Pack can be used to sneak up on an enemy carrier and to Nitron them.

Recommended Armors:


Recommended Packs:

  • Light: Thurst Pack, Blink Pack


When your flag is home: Call out the position of of enemy Clearers and Cappers, and deal damage to them as they approach your base.

When either flag is in the field: Flex to either help your team hold the enemy flag, or chase down and return your flag.

Useful Tips:

  • This should be your best fragger as their primary goal is to damage incoming offense and win duels in standoffs.
  • This role is highly flexible and unique to Tribes 3. Many times, you may just call this person “defense” since they spend more time on their side of the map in general, but I foresee this role becoming more well defined over time.

Recommended Armors:


Recommended Packs:

  • Light: Thurst Pack
  • Medium: Shield Pack, Phas Pack


At the start of the game: Clearers will want to spend the first offensive run at the beginning of the game to destroy enemy base assets (Generator, Turrets, but most importantly, the Radar/Sensor).

When the enemy flag is home: Your goal is to “Clear” the enemy flagstand to make it easier for your friendly Capper to grab the flag and make it home safely. You’ll want to engage the enemy defenders between 15-20 seconds before your friendly Capper reaches the flagstand and destroy and mines on the flagstand. Ideally, you’ll kill the enemy defense within that time, or at least distract them enough to take their attention away from your capper.

When the enemy flag is in the field and your flag is home: (Highly Situational)

  • Recall back to base to “D up” (stack defense) to keep your flag at home and escort your friendly Capper.
  • Stick around the enemy base to prepare for a “llama grab” if your team caps, or their flag is returned.

When both flags are in the field: (Highly Situational)

  • Stay on offense to kill the enemy flag carrier as they return home.
  • Recall to “sync up” with your offense to return the flag.

Useful Tips:

  • It is critical to sync up with your friendly offense. Trickling in one at a time means you’re an easy target. This applies both when clearing the flagstand and when chasing the enemy flag carrier.
  • Clearers can sometimes run routes in order to be a “threat” to grab the flag to take some pressure off the Capper. This can shake up the enemy D if they don’t expect it.

Recommended Armors:


Recommended Packs:

  • Medium: Shield Pack, Phase
  • Heavy: Shield, Dome


When the enemy flag is home: Out of all roles, Capper is the most most unique to Tribes and requires a very specific skillset. Your goal is to grab the flag and get it home to your base while taking minimal damage. You’ll need to develop “routes” on each map that allow you to build up speed, grab the flag, and make your way home quickly. Capping requires hours of route practice, mastery of the various packs and abilities, and close coordination with your offense to be successful. Cappers can run front routes (quick start, slow return), side routes (medium start, medium return), or back routes (long start, quick return). Cappers should also be the defacto “IGL” for their offense in order to coordinate well timed attacks. Cappers should rarely (if ever) try to grab a flag without having:

  • Lots of speed.
  • Friendly Clearers in position prior to making a grab.

When you have the enemy flag and your flag is home: Bring that shit home and score points for your team.

When a friendly Capper has the enemy flag and your flag is home: You can either Recall to “D Up” and help keep your flag home, or set up a “Regrab” via predicting when the flag might be returned, or hang around for a llama grab opportunity.

When you have the enemy flag and your flag is in the field: Typically, you’ll be low on HP by the time you get home and will need to pass the flag to a team mate. Often, your best bet will be your Flag Defense (if you make it all the way home), Midfielder, or another offense player who might recall to meet you midfield.

Useful Tips:

  • After successfully passing the flag to a team mate and Recalling, you may consider changing your loadout to fit the situation (e.g. switching to the Chaser perk for a free disc jump, or swapping up from Light Armer to Medium for better fragging ability).

Recommended Armors:


Recommended Packs:

  • Light: Thurst Pack, Blink Pack
  • Medium: Shield, Phase
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