Trepang 2 – Tips for Rage Mode

Those are few things that carried me through rage mode.

Rage Mode Tips

Note: Credit goes to THE_Incinerate


  • Dual Incendiary shotgun.
  • Grenade launcher (homing based on level).
  • Rat bomb or mine.


  • Always break the line of sight and don’t come to the enemy from the same door/entrance they last saw you.
  • Always slide.
  • Abuse invisibility to break line of sight and to reposition.
  • 2 shots of grenade launcher for mini boss enemies than one Incendiary shot. hide and then shoot more Incendiary if they didn’t die.
  • Ammo management.
  • Shoot once from cover and hide, then go invisible to reposition.
  • Any mission you struggle with. play it on Very hard to figure out the optimal strategy.


It’s possible to do it, the game has a lot of generous check points. I did it in 27h after beating the campaign. Just don’t do it all in one sitting. you will get burned out fast and tilted.

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