Tormented Souls – Combination Key Doors Guide

Combination Key Doors

Once you get the Combination Key from the Experiment Room and Boiler Room, you will be able to unlock four doors throughout the mansion, each with a puzzle.

Pharmacy Door

In East Wing Corridor in E-F1 will be a door to the Pharmacy. The solution is:

  • Star, Triangle, Hexagon

Archives Door

In the Chapel in W-F1 will be a door to the Archives. The solution is:

  • Square, Triangle, Star

Dining Room Door

In the Dining Room in E-F2 will be a door to an unnamed room. The solution is:

  • Square, Hexagon, Pentagon

Intensive Care Corridor Door

In West Wing Corridor in W-F2 will be a door to Intensive Care Corridor. The solution is:

  • Pentagon, Triangle, Circle

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