The Witcher: Enhanced Edition – How to Solve The Saved Game File Is Missing or Corrupt Error

This page can help you solve the game error “The saved game file is missing or corrupt”. I have just met this error, and I managed to solve it by searching on the Internet and trying on my own.

Guide to Fix The Saved Game File Is Missing or Corrupt Error

Note: Credit goes to 问就是卡了

The reason of the error and how to solve it

The most possible reason is that the game cannot edit the files in the protected folder, so the saved game cannot be read and loaded.

To solve this, please open Windows Security Center (for Windows 10 and 11), and choice extortion software protect, then enable the witcher.exe to access protected folders (the name may not be right, because I am not using English as my system language–I just translated it directly).

You can also try not to use the Steam Cloud to save your file.

If that do not work, unfortunately, you may need to download the game again.

  • First, copy your game save to another place.
  • Then, delete the Folder:
  1. C://Users/username/appdata/local/The Witcher
  2. C://Users/username/documents/The Witcher
  3. C://Users/public/documents/The Witcher
  • Then uninstall the game and install it again. Open the game and try to start a new game, if the error disappear, it might be solved. Move the game save you have just copied into:

C://Users/username/documents/The Witcher/saves.

  • And you can play the game now. But if you see the error again, the game save probably corrupted.
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