The Forgotten City – Minimalist Achievement in Under 10 Minutes

Cheesing games, Uh, always finds a way.

In Under 10 Minutes? How!

It’s fairy easy. But you need a gamepad – Xbox, Playstation, wateva. I am using Xbox gamepad, but these buttons are compatible with playstation or any other, just google button layout and translate it to your gamepad.

Once you have gamepad ready to play:

  1. Create new character, soldier.
  2. Get to the city.
  3. Activate free roam mode – LT 3x, RT 3x, RB, LB, A 2x.
  4. Fly through the first door of the temple, deactivate free roam (same buttons) and go to the Pluto.
  5. Use gun to destroy glass and steal the crown
  6. Escape and use time loop.
  7. Fly again to the temple.
  8. Throw that crown into his face.
  9. Meet witl Al, achievement should pop there.

That’s it! Leave a like if this guide helped you.

Originally posted by Kroko[SVK]

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