Terminus: Zombie Survivors – Long Term Survival Guide

A guide to doing achievements that require surviving for a long time.

A Guide to Long Term Survival

Home Base Location

Long term survivability depends on two things:Being able to kill zombies and having all the resources you need. Of course, there are small optimizations you can make on top of that, but those are core. I will mostly be addressing resources–but suffice it to say that you can rarely go wrong with a good wooden spear, especially if a Engineer can make them for a single plank.

Your homebase should, ideally, be near the following:

  • A park, for unlimited drinkable water(though you have to boil it) and fish.
  • A gas station, so you can power it and have unlimited(? I have yet to run out, don’t know if it’s truly unlimited so I recommend stockpiling in a heavy vehicle) fuel.
  • Optionally, seaside, because I think fishing there is better?
  • Fortified houses, because trade is one of the easiest ways to renew resources.

If you can, making it inside of a church is ideal because of the buff it gives to Bibles–for believers, it makes them 4 morale/AP and for nonbelievers it makes them 2/AP. Either way, huge–especially if there’s a sofa in the back (Wish pews gave a sleep bonus…).

However, making it inside the gas station isn’t bad either–especially because beverage coolers can act as a fridge.

Ideally there will be a moderate distance between you and dangerous places, but not so much that you can’t take trips out to take out zombies! Many resources are easiest to renew from zombies, such as ammunition; SWAT and police zombies pretty regularly drop large batches of ammo. Ammunition should always be used sparingly, however.

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