Immortal Life – Gifting Guide

With the official release, a lot of the gift info got changed.

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Spoiler Warning!

If you haven’t unlocked all of the characters, this is going to spoil it for you, as they are listed here.

  • ‘Likes’ = +5 points
  • ‘Loves’ = +9 points.

On birthdays, you get 3x the amount of points.


* = this item can be bought, either by the town vendors or by the traveling merchant. Some fish are random, in the ‘Solar Term Special Offer’ section at the fish stall, so you may not see them all the time. Some items the traveling merchant sells are also seasonal, so not everything will be available when you see her.

^ = this item can be crafted, though you may have to unlock the blueprint for it with Wei Hong, or through trade routes/development. The Fish Specimen’s are crafted by speaking with Chen Yuanzhou. I did not mark food or ingredients (like pickled cucumbers, liquor, pearl powder, etc).

** = this item can be purchased at Qiongzhen Pavilion, but only after unlocking it through trade routes/development.

The traveling merchant is in town during the first week (three days) of each season, as well as the 4th week of each season.

Some items listed may be locked due to your level, friendship level, quest progression, or trade route/development progress – so if you can’t find the item to craft/buy/forage, that’s probably why.

Everyone likes (+5) Dongting Tea, which can be traded for with the Mysterious Person in Red.

Song Yantong


  • Flower Honey Wine
  • Jujube Cake*
  • Boiled Fish with Pickles Veggies
  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Steamed Buns*
  • All Honey types except Rose
  • Water Orb – Tortoise*
  • Fresh Meat Zongzi
  • Shrimp Dumplings
  • Brassica Honey
  • Chrysanthemum Honey


  • Mystic Egg*
  • Tortoise*
  • Boiled Chrysanthemum Tea
  • Golden Tortoise
  • Hermit Set – Embroidery Stand**
  • Hermit Set – Vase**
  • Rose Honey

Wei Hong


  • Shrimp Dumplings
  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Sixi Meatball


  • Puppet*
  • Frog*
  • Yellow Frog
  • Thunder Frog
  • Double-cooked Pork
  • Deer Decoration^
  • Superior Armchair^
  • Fish Specimen – Frog^
  • Fish Specimen – Yellow Frog^
  • Fish Specimen – Thunder Frog^
  • Water Orb – Frog*
  • Water Orb – Yellow Frog*
  • Water Orb – Thunder Frog*
  • Ingenius Set – Bird Clock**
  • Ingenius Set – Washer deer**

Li Mengqing


  • Krill*
  • Crayfish
  • Rice Cake*
  • Jujube Cake*
  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Steamed Egg
  • Qingtuan
  • Chinese Rice Pudding
  • Azuki Bean Zongzi
  • Shrimp Dumplings


  • Collection of Lost Stories*
  • Dried Black Carp
  • Fireworks*
  • Yellow Crayfish
  • Persimmon Cake
  • Hanging Scroll B*
  • Painting of an Immortal*
  • Heroine Set – Sword Stand**
  • Heroine Set – Travel Bag**

Mu Xia


  • Silver Puffer
  • Red Scale Bream
  • Pickled Cucumber
  • Preserved Cabbage
  • Jujube Cake*
  • Braised Pork w/Preserved Vegetables
  • Rice Cake
  • Shrimp Dumplings


  • Feast of Flower Dishes*
  • Red Flower
  • Beef Shaomei
  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Peony Garden*
  • Graceful Set – Cabinet**
  • Graceful Set – Table**

Chen Yuanzhou


  • Goldfish
  • Golden Puffer
  • Golden Soft Shelled Turtle
  • Golden Tortoise
  • Silver Lucky Fish
  • Silver Puffer
  • Yellow Frog
  • Pearl Oyster
  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Steamed Bighead Carp
  • Shrimp Dumplings 
  • Guyu Tea


  • Bamboo Flute*
  • Red & White Lionhead Goldfish
  • Three Fish Feast^
  • Braised Silver Carp
  • Steamed Sea Bass
  • Crucian Carp Soup*
  • Straw Raincoat**
  • Misty Rain Set – Fishing Gear**
  • Misty Rain Set – Tea Set**

Yang Ziqin


  • Liangpi*
  • Qingtuan
  • Steamed Buns*
  • Blue Crab
  • Green Helmeted Crab
  • White Spotted Crab
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Braised Pork w/Dried Bamboo Shoots


  • Records of Guiyun Sect*
  • Chinese Mitten Crab (both male and female)
  • Fish Specimen – Chinese Mitten Crab (both male and female)^
  • Qinghua Set – Cabinet
  • Qinghua Set – Incense Burner

Ji Yaohua


  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Boiled Chrysanthemum Tea
  • Chrysanthemum Tea
  • Chinese Rice Pudding
  • Scrambled Egg with Tomato
  • Shrimp Dumplings
  • Golden Puffer
  • Cucumber Salad


  • Purple Embroidery*
  • Bilong Tea
  • Pearl Powder
  • Red Maple Bonsai^
  • Root Carving Table^
  • Tabebuia Bonsai^
  • Water Orb – Gold Lucky Fish*
  • Wish Set – Money Tree**
  • Wish Set – Shelf Bed**

You Jinghe


  • Liquor*
  • Yellow Wine*
  • Double-cooked Pork
  • Preserved Cabbage
  • Stir Fried Pork with Chili
  • Stir Fried Veggies


  • Tiangong Hammer*
  • Braised Chicken
  • Fried Dough
  • Feilian Horn
  • Giant Turtle Shell
  • Stone Pool^
  • Wood Pool^
  • Palace Lantern**
  • Snow Mountain Hot Spring**
  • Floor Standing Snow Lamp**
  • Crafter’s Set – Wooden Bed**
  • Crafter’s Set – Work Table**

Xie Wentian


  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Rice Cake
  • Boiled Chrysanthemum Tea
  • Steamed Buns*


  • Guide to Swordsmanship*
  • Bilong Tea
  • Premium Bilong Tea*
  • Qingtuan
  • Silver Crucian Carp
  • Silver Lucky Fish
  • Silver Puffer
  • Guyu Tea
  • Qingming Tea**
  • Hanging Scroll A**
  • Jade Void Set – Meditation Stand**
  • Jade Void Set – Vase**

Zuo Li


  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Braised Bamboo Shoots
  • Braised Pork w/Preserved Vegetables
  • Sixi Meatballs
  • Premium Bilong Tea*


  • One Thousand Alchemy Techniques*
  • Marvelous Divinity Enhancing Elixir**
  • Marvelous Health Enhancing Elixir**
  • Marvelous Magic Enhancing Elixir**
  • Marvelous Spirit Enhancing Elixir**
  • Marvelous Stance Enhancing Elixir**
  • Marvelous Willpower Enhancing Elixir**
  • Danxin Set – Alchemy Furnace**
  • Danxin Set – Fire Rack*
  • Frosty Night Soup
  • Yanduxian

Lin Wanxi


  • Boiled White Wood Ear
  • Chinese Rice Pudding
  • Stir Fried Pork w/Wood Ear
  • Braised Pork w/Preserved Vegetables


  • Essentials in Crafting*
  • Liangpi*
  • Qingling Fruit Wine
  • Liquor*
  • Yellow Wine*
  • Flower Honey Wine
  • Cold Drink*
  • Blue-Black Ore Box^
  • Crimson Ore Box^
  • Spirit Orb – Mirror Essence
  • Smelting Stone Set – Furnace**
  • Smelting Stone Set – Wine Jar**

Ye Yuxin


  • Azuki Bean Zongzi
  • Chilly Anchovy
  • Dongting Tea
  • Dragon Beard Candy
  • Fish Cake
  • Fish Specimen – Bloody Anchovy
  • Fish Specimen – Chilly Anchovy
  • Fish Specimen – Large Yellowtail
  • Fish Specimen – Yellowtail
  • Fried Chilli
  • Golden Melon Porridge
  • Good Luck
  • Harvester’s Luck Elixir
  • Liangpi


  • Bloody Anchovy
  • Congee with Minced Pork and Preserved Egg
  • Exquisite Harvester’s Luck Elixir
  • Jujube Cake
  • Large Yellowtail
  • Porcelain Vase
  • Rosewood Chair
  • Rosewood Tea Table
  • Vegetarian Feast
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  1. Chen enjoys prawn dumplings. Mu enjoys braised silver carp and jujube cake. Silver carp braised to Yang’s liking. I hope that is somewhat helpful.

    • Song also enjoys Chinese rice pudding, four-color fried rice, and crucian carp soup. I hope that’s useful.

  2. Wei Hong: +5 Painting of immortal

    You Jinghe: +5 Camel Hair Carpet,

    Chen Yuanzhou: +5 Hanging scroll A, +5 Wooden Umbrella

    Yang Ziqin: +5 Writing desk, +5 Hanging scroll A

    Li Mengqing: +9 Hanging scroll B (but expensive to buy), +5 Fish cake

  3. Chen Yuanzhou: +5 Table board +5 Straw Raincoat (similar to the one he gifts)

    Yang Ziqin: +5 Sword of Qingfeng

  4. I saw these in a screenshot that someone posted; I would give them credit, but I’m sorry—I couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste their name because it’s in Chinese. To obtain the values, I tried them myself, and they’re all just +5.

    You Jinghe Carved Wooden Stool +5 Stylish Shelves +5
    Pine Fence +5

    Mu Xia Kitchen Table +5 + Air-Drying Shelf

    Scarecrow Li Mengqing +5

    Ji Yaohua Round Bamboo Window +5 Bamboo Screen +5

  5. began giving away a few of the new merchandise!

    Though Wei Hong only has a +1 for Thunder Frog, she has +5 Dew on Lotus Leaf.
    Yang Ziqin, I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but I only give dried bamboo shoots a +1.

  6. You Jinghe possesses +5 Yellow Crayfish, +5 Yellow Frog, and +5 Yellow Perch.
    Li Mengqing and Ji Yaohua both have +5 Yellow Crayfish.
    Moreover, Wei Hong has +5 Yellow Frog.

    With the exception of these three fish—Spotted Carp (a rare, fiery red fish found at waterfalls), Spirit Carp, and Golden Turtle—all cooked dishes and fish have now been gifted to seven original characters as of Official Update 4.44 (both in Caves). I still have enough of these three extremely rare fish to give to everyone.

  7. Zongzi is liked by Li Mengqing. I can’t remember which Zongzi I tried, but she seemed to like it a lot.

  8. Chen has five boiled fish, pickled vegetables, and chili.
    Wei Hong also offers +5 Braised Pork and +5 Boiled Fish with Pickled Veggie & Chili.
    You Jinghe has +5 Steamed Hot Fish Head, +5 Braised Chicken, and +5 Braised Silver Carp.
    Ji Yaohua has five shredded radish, five steamed hot fish heads, and five shredded potatoes with bell peppers.
    Yang Ziqin possesses +5 Add shrimp to stir-fried pork; +5 Add chili to stir-fried pork; +5 Add cabbage to stir-fried pork

    More than ten of the characters’ gifts are well-liked or beloved.

  9. Ji Yaohua enjoys Lucky Number +5.
    Shrimp Dumplings +5 is Mu Xia’s favorite.
    Zhanyue Sword +5 and Jingyun Sword +5 are favorites of Li Mengqing.
    Pork +5 Double-cooked to Wei Hong’s liking.

    To improve your English vocabulary:
    Jagged Sword is Wolf Fang Sword.
    In English, Zhanyue Sword and Jingyun Sword are the same.
    Bean curd is tofu.
    It’s true that purple embroidery is purple embroidery.

    Fantastic guidance, Mythlin, well done!

  10. Chen Yuanzhou receives 9 reps from Goldfish, not 5.
    Chen enjoys fish cake as well (5 rep).
    Braised bamboo shoots (5 rep) are Yang Ziqin’s favorite dish.
    Mu Xia’s nine representative recipe book is called Banquet of Flower Dishes in English.
    Puppet is the English term for Wei Hong’s nine rep.

  11. Yang Ziqin also enjoys HP potion, Anima Herb, and Spring Bamboo Shoots.
    Ji Yaohua enjoys Red Sage and Honeysuckle as well; I’ll check the English name for the fabric later.
    Li Mengqing enjoys jujube cake as well.
    In addition, Chen Yuanzhou enjoys goldfish, sea bass, and his favorite dish, steamed sea bass (which he reveals in a quest recipe).
    Mu Xia adores the recipe book with flowers in it; I’ll see if I can find out what it is called in English.

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