Team Fortress 2 – How to Use the Cleaner’s Carbine

Cleaner’s Carbine Guide

Welcome to a comprehensive guide to using the Cleaner’s Carbine as Sniper in TF2. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive guide, but rather a basic overview of how to use it effectively. If you’re looking for a more detailed guide on using this weapon, check out the Sniper’s Guide.

The Carbine is a powerful and accurate sniper rifle that deals high damage at long range. It has a very low fire rate, however, so it can’t be used constantly like the Scattergun or the Beggar’s Bazooka. The slow reload coupled with its damage and accuracy make it a good weapon for taking out enemies at range while keeping your distance, where it can be effective. There are better weapons for up-close-and-personal work, so use this one wisely.

The weapon has a large amount of vertical recoil, which can make aiming on the move difficult. It’s best to shoot from the hip or move in close to the target before firing again.

The Cleaner’s Carbine is the rare golden child in-game. It has the highest kill reward of any weapon in the game (600 points for a kill, 1000 for a body, 2000 for an assist), fires the fastest (1250 rounds per minute), has the second lowest recoil (after the Holiday Launcher), and, with the right gear, can be used effectively by both classes. Despite this, it is rarely picked up by other players.


Because it’s hard to use effectively. If you’re a light on firepower but a master of maneuvering, this is the weapon for you. If you’re a heavy who just wants to stomp on people, get better at your class. If you’re a spy who has to sit and wait for hours while your marksmen and scoundrels do the work, this is not the gun for you. If you just want to be #1 on the leaderboards, go get yourself a more straightforward gun.

Ultimately, it’s a niche pick that requires dedication and plenty of practice, which is not a bad thing. This gun is great for getting that #1 spot if you’ve somehow managed to avoid everything that needs to be done to get it.

The Carbine is a two-part rifle. The rifle itself, which you hold in your hands, and the scope you place on it. The scope is battery-powered and must be set to the correct distance before using. This cannot be changed while aiming.

The rifle itself comes with a flashlight and a laser sight that can be toggled on or off by pressing the scope-mounted button.

The rifle itself is a powerful weapon, accurate and with plenty of stopping power.


The Hammershot is a short-ranged, highly accurate weapon that comes with a large amount of ammo. It’s good for shooting enemies at close range or taking out weakened or defending foes.

The weapon is a single-shot, simple to use, and good for its simplicity.

The weapon is a straightforward, simple weapon that’s easy to use. It has the highest damage out of any other weapon, but has a low rate of fire and a long reload time. The weapon’s simple design means that there are fewer moving parts to break, making it simpler and cheaper to manufacture.

The Hammershot is mostly used by hunters and other foes that require pinpoint accuracy. The weapon is not usually used by others, even though it is effective at short range.

The weapon is a large, heavy piece that requires significant arm strength to reload. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself unable to reload the weapon and instead left with an empty gun. This can be fatal in a firefight.

The gun has a high recoil, making aiming difficult after firing multiple shots in quick succession. It is best to fire in short controlled bursts.

The weapon can overheat fairly easily if you’re firing for too long without stopping. If this happens, the weapon will automatically release the trigger, which can make you flinch and miss your target. If you’re using break action, the gun will only release when it’s in range of releasing, which can be bad for you.

The weapon can jam if you’re firing too much, the bolt can lock up causing the gun to be useless.

The weapon doesn’t have any iron sights, so you’re dependent on your scope for aiming.

The weapon’s magazine is easy to see and fairly large, making you able to fire longer before having to reload.

The crossbow is a simple weapon that uses muscular force to fire arrows. It’s low on kick, making it easier to handle.

The Crossbow has a large magazine, making it easier to fire upon others without having to reload, but makes it harder to reload. The large magazine also makes for a louder firing sound, alerting those around you.

The crossbow’s Arrows can only be fired by the crossbow. They cannot be fired by any other weapon.

The Arrows are fairly weak, having little power and several features to protect you from accidentally shooting yourself in the face.

The weapon’s Arrows can be poisoned, which can make your Arrows a lot more dangerous to your foes. Poisoned Arrows can also easily kill a troll.

The crossbow has a short effective range, which makes you rely on others for support or finding a better position.

The crossbow has a higher rate of fire than other weapons, but a lower magazine size, causing you to be out of ammo quickly.

The crossbow can break due to excessive use, rendering it useless.

The crossbow has extremely low recoil, allowing for very fast aimed fire.

The gun is a powerful weapon that can kill most foes with ease. It’s loud and large, making it a fantastic weapon for defending.

The Gun is fairly simple, durable, and easy to use. It’s fairly loud and the large size makes it hard to conceal, so it’s not the best choice for stealth. However, in return for these shortcomings, it has a very high firepower which makes it a fantastic last-ditch weapon.

The Gun uses the world’s most common and cheapest ammo, 6mm bullets. It’s incredibly easy to find, making the ammo itself and the Gun fairly cheap.

The Gun has a large magazine, but due to the very low power of the 6mm bullets, they don’t pack much punch and are difficult to control when fired from the Gun. This can be compensated by using special “gas-gun” bullets that expand on impact.

The Gun has a large amount of recoil, making it hard to aim for longer periods of time. It also has a high fire rate, which can make you overheat very quickly.

The Gun has a slow rate of fire, and a short range, making it best suited for up-close and personal combat.

The Gun can jam, due to the high demand of control when firing, making it hard to work the Gun. This can be avoided by using special bullet types that have less demand on your control.

The Gun can break easily, due to its weak construction.

The Gun is loud, making it hard to stealthily take out enemies.

The Gun can only be fired by a single person, unless the user has their own hands trained and skilled to fire the Gun.

The Gun can only fire one shot before overheating and melting down, making it useless.

The Gun can only be fired by a trained user, due to the demand on muscle-memory to pull the trigger at high speeds and control the recoil. Otherwise, it requires extensive training to master the fine-motor skills needed to properly aim the weapon.

The Gun has extremely long recoil, requiring a large and strong arm to aim.

The Gun is powerful, but only has a very small magazine size, making it hard to fight multiple enemies at once without having to reload.

The Gun has a low rate of fire, making it best for close combat.

The Gun is loud, making it hard to concentrate in battle when the sound of gunfire is so close to your ears.

The Gun can only be fired by a specific type of person, namely someone with strong hands and large muscled who has extensive training in aiming the weapon.

The Gun has a very long training period, and is a very heavy weapon to handle. It’s large and bulky, and difficult to hold for long periods of time. It also has a very large learning curve, making it hard to handle for inexperienced users.

The Gun requires a large amount of skill to use, and isn’t easy for anyone to pick up. Even trained users have a difficult time hitting anything with it.

Cleaner’s Carbine

The Gun is very easy to find, requiring no special skills to acquire. It is available at most gun stores or military surplus stores.

Condor Apatia Lend-Lease

  • Name: Condor Apatia
  • Species: Human (Colombian descent)
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 165
  • Occupation: mercenary
  • Home City: Bogota, Colombia
  • Years Criminal: 11
  • Sinnistrike tattoo: “I’m not mad, just disappointed”
  • Sinnistrike words: “Those who do not move, will be pushed
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