Tarisland – Phantom-Necromancer Soul Healing Guide

Phantom-Necromancer Build Guide

Attatched are two builds. The tainted-soul build is PvE oriented, and Soul Guard build are PvP oriented. Both are viable for both forms of content, this is preference.

Notable PVE Talents: Vilebloom becomes a viable playstyle once the inconsistency in procs is fixed (bug). You would spec 2/2 instead of “Healing 2/2” most likely. The reason for no souldraw talents is because of extremely low values with almost zero impact. Make note of these if they get buffed.

Notable PVP Talents: If you play tainted soul, you can look to invest into the dance points, tainted soul 3/3, and tainted potential 3/3. We take souldraw damage here because of lack of other efficient points, and the few hundred damage can be impactful on a kill.

Stat Priority

Spec/Crit Multi -> Crit -> Omni -> Focus/ATK/Int

Some builds will push for CD; but this is a dead stat until you get insane values of it. Until you obtain enough values to affect your link cd significantly, I do not think it’s worthwhile. I think CD will be incredibly strong when we can approach 20-30% of it at later itemlevels.


  • For gear, please look at attatched excel sheets.
  • The green sheet is what stats can roll on where.
  • For crit priority, replace CD items with omni/crit for example.

PVE Gameplay Ideology

You want to gain vitality to generate flowers (gained through your 2, 3.) to use on Soul Link. Soul link gives alot of PHYS DEF, DR (13% through talents), and shared dmg between each linked ally. You get one link per flower. Using 4 buffs your 1 to be raid-wide AOE and becomes stronger, 25% more healing per flower spent.

Your gameplay loop is to generate flowers through your generic healing gameplay, and during aoe or heavy damage windows, link and do big burst healing. For continued AOE, consider using your 6. Your inscribed stone ability (7) makes your Soul herb (1) a spammable AOE, empowered like your link would usually make it, for six seconds. Save for big aoe burst windows or healing demanding moments.

For PvP, please adjust your link useage to prevent big burst from enemy. If they focus you, try to predict openers on yourself and pre-wall. For more tips on this, please discuss in chat.

Inscribed Stone Build

This is what i’m currently playing. Top and bottom core are my goals to path towards right now. Crit and spec nodes are huge, alongside resonance. After I push cores, I will fill in 3/3 on my favorite stats. I still need top left and right spec nodes.

For Emblems, I will pursue additional effects such as +skill and +node attribute (x)%.

I reccomend Warlike Surge, High Energy Potion, Recharge, Empowerment. Robustness is filler for me.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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