Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment – Achievement Guide


Aincard story – cannot miss:

  • Beater
    Complete tutorial (it’s in Hollow but you start there and cannot return before)
  • Defeat The Ghastlygaze
    Defeat the boss in floor 76
  • Defeat The Crystalize Claw
    Defeat the boss in floor 77
  • Defeat The Horn of Madness
    Defeat the boss in floor 78
  • Defeat The Tempest of Trihead
    Defeat the boss in floor 79
  • Defeat The Guilty Scythe
    Defeat the boss in floor 80
  • Defeat The Knight of Darkness
    Defeat the boss in floor 81
  • Defeat The Legacy of Grand
    Defeat the boss in floor 82
  • Defeat The Horn of Furious
    Defeat the boss in floor 83
  • Defeat The Queen of Ant
    Defeat the boss in floor 84
  • Defeat The Maelstrom of Trihead
    Defeat the boss in floor 85
  • Defeat The King of Skeleton
    Defeat the boss in floor 86
  • Defeat The Radiance Eater
    Defeat the boss in floor 87
  • Defeat The Rebellious Eyes
    Defeat the boss in floor 88
  • Defeat The Murderer Fang
    Defeat the boss in floor 89
  • Defeat The Ruler of Blade
    Defeat the boss in floor 90
  • Defeat The Absolute Gazer
    Defeat the boss in floor 91
  • Defeat The Chaos Dragon
    Defeat the boss in floor 92
  • Defeat The Lava Creeper
    Defeat the boss in floor 93
  • Defeat The Knight of Blazing
    Defeat the boss in floor 94
  • Defeat The Genocide Eyes
    Defeat the boss in floor 95
  • Defeat The Slaughter Fang
    Defeat the boss in floor 96
  • Defeat The Emperor of Death
    Defeat the boss in floor 97
  • Defeat The Kaiser Dragon
    Defeat the boss in floor 98
  • Rulers of Hades
    Defeat the boss in floor 99
  • Congratulations, Kirito
    Defeat the final boss in floor 100

Hollow story – cannot miss:

  • Defeat the boss of the Sea of Trees Area
  • Defeat the boss of the Floating Ruins Area
  • Defeat the boss of the Great Void Area
  • Defeat the boss of the Control Area
  • Wow…
    Defeat the boss
  • Shadow
    Defeat the finall boss

Aincard story – you can miss them, if do, play new game+

  • Beta Tester
    Get every Last Attacking Bonus

    Every floor boss has Last Attacking Bonus drop. So you will got drop for killing boss. Its from floor 76-99. On floor 100 you also can have LA bonus but there is no drop for this so only until 99 works. I’m not sure if you can sell it so better inserd all in chest. You can also find these items as drop but it won’t count.

    On 99 there are more bosses but i think only last one count.

    If you fail to got bonus item just ALT+F4 on congratulations screen and you won’t save progress. Then you can fight him again.

    List of LA (i hope in good order bc i have only screen schots)
    • 76 Dual Gloves
    • 77 Seeker’s Plate
    • 78 Cross Jacket
    • 79 Dual Greaves
    • 80 Cross Boots
    • 81 Duel Vest
    • 82 Miner’s Gear
    • 83 Chaos Greaves
    • 84 Undercover Agent Coat
    • 85 Chaos Bracers
    • 86 Elven Garb
    • 87 Chaos Armor
    • 88 Dark Repulsor
    • 89 Elcuidator
    • 90 Rampant Light
    • 91 Finsterglanz
    • 92 Valkyrie Mail
    • 93 Order Bracers
    • 94 Shadoweater Boots
    • 95 Order Boots
    • 96 Shadoweater Suit
    • 97 Order Garb
    • 98 Fatal Garb
    • 99 Sleipnir Ring
  • Not on my watch!
    Complete the game without any one of the Assault Team dying
    The same, if someone die just ALT+F4 on congratulations screen. 140 level should be safe for you. And you can also train your man after every flood, but it’s boring
  • Absolute Sword
    Defeat hidden final boss.
    When you end game you will see option yes/no. Choose yes to go for more fight. Now you must defeat optional boss, by droping his hp to yellow
  • Don’t cheat, daddy
    Increase Affinity level to 5 (max) for:
    • Asuna
    • Lisbeth
    • Silica
    • Leafa
    • Sinon
    • Philia
    • Strea
  • Memories
    Unloak all photos in gallery. To do this you must do:
    • On every floor do all events [!]. Check event list
    • Do all bed scenes with girls from Don’t cheat, daddy
    • Story ones from Aincard and Hollow
    • Do heroine quests in Hollow, then go to La Ulquera Gradens there with all girls (must have level 5 Affinity). Plus do this also with Bonus Hollow char 2 (i will write later) and Argo.
    • Find bonus hollow char
    • See all ending: kill last boss with all girls you can choose to do them. After final boss and ending you can continue and youi will go for last save before boss.
      • Asuna
      • Lisbeth
      • Silica
      • Leafa
      • Sinon
      • Philia
      • Strea
      • Yui
      • Philia

    • Complete Hollow Fragment storyline before floor 86. You must have Philia unlocked or you will get CG without Philia. With Plhilia you will get 2 at once
    • Get rank 5 with Strea before floor 90
    • On floor 100 you must first kill boss without helping event. Just don’t take Yui to Hollow in first run. Then after game choose continue and finish that event


  • Complete debug
    Complete more Hollow Missions than required
    On psv it was 80 hollow missions, but now i think it’s 100 hollow missions. And there must be different, so the same mission done couple of time doesn’t count!
  • High-rank test player
    Complete more Implement Element Researches than required
    Complete 100 implements (out of 114 tota). it will count only durring hollow mission. First from administrator panel you must choose which implement you will do, then go for hollow mission and do what you must do. You can do it in more than one mission but you cannot change it before over or you will loose all progresion. Hollow missions are missions with circle and have levels from 1 to 3 from every area. If area has level 2, then there will be missions 1-2, if 3 1-3. That’s progress bar shrinks when you don’t do missions in this area. Level 3 are boss fights and are hard.
  • Lisbeth Smith Shop’s most loyal customer!
    Upgrade weapons 200 times
    Do it with items you want to sell. Go to her shop and do it with level 1 upgrade only. When you do str upgrade then you will choose anything else than str it will change from str on this new one. It cost less and every level has less chances to succes. You can do her all Aincard events to have her increase chance. Also there are 3 type of gems that will increase chances but… forger about them. You can find them only in 200 floor dungeon at about 150+ floor or after fight with very hard optional boss. So mostly to have weapon to kill hard boss you must… first kill him:D
  • MMOs that use a level system are unfair that way
    Kirito reaches at least level 150
    This is from PSV, here you must do 200 level.
    • max level is 300
    • Aincard’s max level normal monster is about 140
    • Hollow’s max level normal monster is about 145
    • Garden area in Hollow’s has high level area where monster can be from 160-210
    • Advence dungeon with 200 floor has increase monster level until 300 (insane)
    • Every new game+ is about +10/20 level for monsters
    • Multiplayer has on normal +20 level, on hard +80 and on dead game +160So you won’t have 200 level without grinding. To increase exp you must:
    • Level 1 exp potion (random chest drop)
    • Level 2 exp potion (random chest drop)
    • Exp skill (must unlock but you can do in at start of game if you have points)
    • Weapon and armor (ark) with exp mod
  • Billionaire
    Save 100 million Col
  • Thank you for playing
    Complete the game after 100 hours of playing time
  • Flash
    Raise your bond with Asuna to the max level
  • Beast Tamer
    Raise your bond with Silica to the max level
  • Master Macer
    Raise your bond with Lisbeth to the max level
  • Fairy
    Raise your bond with Leafa to the max level
  • Sniper
    Raise your bond with Sinon to the max level
  • Treasure Hunter
    Raise your bond with Philia to the max level
  • MMOs that use a level system are unfair that way
    Kirito reaches at least level 150
  • Teaming up is not that bad
    Total multiplayer time exceeds 20 hours
  • This game is not for fun
    In a multiplayer game, defeat at least 100 level HNM creatures
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