Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – How to Unlock The Joker

I finished the game, how can I unlock the Joker? What do I need to do after the superman scene to get the Joker? This guide will answer these questions!

How to Unlock The Joker (For Free)

Make sure you’re in the Season of Fear, not Season of Bane. If needed, go back to the main menu and switch to the Fear episode.

In Fear, get your Fear rank to 35 (not the battlepass rank). At Fear rank 35, you can fight the Green Lantern version of Brainiac. Beating him unlocks Joker.

You can also pay to unlock Joker, but you still need to beat Brainiac to play as him.

To quickly reach Fear rank 35, run Laugh Riot incursion on “Sweating Bullets” difficulty. I used a new King Shark character and finished runs in about 3 minutes. Took around 2 hours to fully level him and hit Fear rank 35.

Also, equip gear with XP boost perks or have Toyman modify your gear to add XP boosts. The more you have, the faster you’ll level up.

Good luck!

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