SuchArt! – Getting New Achievements after the Update

Easy, simple and obvious guide to getting the two new achievements.

The Hangar

This one is quite simple, you will get a mail from “Kayti Tark” which will promt you to accept their offer and add the Hangar to your studio.

The Hangar can be accessed via the elevator once you leave your studio via the main entrance, which is now open and closable.

Put Your Hangar Art on Display

Once you enter your Exhibit, you’ll notice a change in the floor of the display rooms.

You can now extend your art galery to a lower level with PLENTY of room.

Your Hangar “art” can be collected from this new extention, inside bubbles(cuz why not).

This one was a bit tricky for some reason, i had to put 7 pieces from my hangar on display before this popped for me.

Returning to Your Studio

For anyone that forgot what the code to the door of your studio is(Like me), its “1 2 3”

Boom, door opens!

Hope this simple guide helped anyone in need <3 And happy painting!

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