Stronghold Crusader HD – Warchest Trail Walkthrough

This is a guide to complete the first mission of the warchest trail. I hope to make one guide for each level of both the crusader trail and the warchest trail.

The Start of the Level

First, you should go and build a granary, next to the stock pile. Then build a market place next to the granary. Then build as many stockpiles as you can. Then go on your marketplace and buy 500 gold worth of wood. Build around 8-12 woodcutters. Build 3 wheat farms, build one mill.

Also build 2 hovels. Build 8-10 Bakeries. Build an armory, a barracks, and a mercenary post. Build one stone quarry, with 2 ox tethers.

Middle of the Level

Now just wait. by the time you get some stone in, sell most of it. By the time you have around 6000 gold, you can start seiging.

End of the Level

You should get 3 catapults, so build an engenering workshop. Hire 6 engeneers. Build 3 catapults. Start destroying the towers. by the time you have 1 side of the wall destroyed, you should have macemen. 50 should do it. Instead of having it attack the lord, just send them to the top of the emirs keep.

You should win, if not, just keep on selling stone and recruiting more macemen, along with to keep on seiging.

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