Star Renegades – Item Unlock Guide (with Progression)

An attempt at an optimal item unlock progression and guide.

Guide to Items Unlock

Section 1: The Openers (Front Runners for Best Weapons in the Game and Build Specific Items)

Star Renegades Item Unlock Outline


I take no credit for almost all the information in here, but I do support it. Bear in mind this is not a full list or finished. Items are unlocked in the armory by purchase with intel and have almost no overlap meaning there are “optimal” weapons for different situations. Also, there are weapons and abilities unlisted here because you do not need to unlock them like Corruption (Phasma Rifle), etc… Prioritizing unlocks becomes significantly more important on higher difficulties, so the first section is a general outline for good weapons/abilities for general application in all difficulties up to Entropy meant for beginners. The second section addresses the theoretical best weapon choices per character, per comp, per Entropy run (and still may have some variability).

Enough talk let’s mosey.

Section 1: The Opener

These are recommendations at best!

Inflicts Extra Stagger (and stagger % if possible)

  • Zenith – Blade (Davion, Spectre, Wynn)
  • Maelstrom – Gauntlet (Davion, Spectre, Aegis, Jug, Archon)
  • Seether – Blaster (Saboteur, Spectre, Commando)
  • Desecrator (or Desolation if you struggle w/ Armor Dmg.) – Rifle (Commando, Spectre)
  • Peacekeeper – Implant (Saboteur)

Regen Shields/Auto Regen Shields

  • Colossus – Device (Archon, Empath, Gunslinger)
  • Exalter – Device (Archon, Empath, Gunslinger)


  • Peacekeeper – Implant (NODO)


  • Conquest – Blaster (Nodo, Bentley, Spectre, Gunslinger?)
  • Beholder – Implant (Jens, Nodo, Spectre)
  • Debilitator – Rifle (Jens, Spectre, Commando, Marks)

Mix & Match Meta Ideas:

All Bleed Zinduchi’s META (Super OP Actual META, Most Effective Tactics Available)

  • Agitator – Implant (Any Implant Attacker, the more targets the better AOEers)
  • Lacerating – Blaster (Nodo, Bentley, Spectre, Gunslinger?)
  • Harbinger – Blade (Spectre, Davion, Wynn)

Pure Damage Hapaxed’ META (Tested successfully up through Extreme)

  • Requiem – Rifle (Jens, Spectre, Marks, Commando)
  • Debilitator – Rifle (Jens, Spectre, Marks, Commando)
  • Vindicator – Implant (Really Depends on what the item rolls are each run who gets it)

Fury Generation (Meme Build)

  • Biorifle – Rifle (Jens, Spectre, Commando, Marks, any attacking rifle wielder)
  • Willbreaker – Implant (Fast Critter)
  • Bulwark Core – Device (Aegis, Jug, any front liner that gets hit a lot or tanks)
  • Defiler – Blade (Davion, Spectre, Wynn)
  • Hulker – Gauntlet (Any Gauntlet Attacker)
  • Syphoning – Blaster (Any Blaster Wielder)

Weakening (Very Helpful)

  • Nanogauntlets – Gauntlets (Any Gauntlet Attacker, the more targets the better AOE)
  • Boneslicer – Blade (Davion, Wynn, Spectre)

Damage Reflect (Aegis Specific)

  • Voidwalker – Device (Aegis)
  • Ultimatum – Implant (Aegis)

Section 2: The Closers (High Entropy Weapons)

Section 2: The Closer (Entropy 1-3 Tested and Approved)

Letir Recommended Starting Comp., Item & Strategy:

Saboteur, Paragon, Spectre – Peacekeeper Implant (Saboteur)

Look for anti-bleed healer or Guardian on char. pickups. Paragon goes into AOE stagger. Maelstrom Gauntlet preference for Archon/Paragon. Debilitator Rifle preference for Spectre.

Spectre Progeny preference Vega Tovar for Jagged Slash at Level 4 and Unstoppable at Level 6. Hitting Level 4 with Vega before the first Behemoth to hit him with your big guns. After Level 6 prioritize AOE stagger items and moves.

First turn AOE with Debilitator Rifle clears stagger resistance. Second turn AOE stagger.


  • Colossus – Any Device User (Great Baseline Shield)
  • Exalter – Archon, Healers (Speeds Up Actions, Increases Healing)


  • Agitator – Most Chars. [Letir Tip] {Most Useful on chars. with Normal Attacks (Armor Break) or Flurry (for Bleed) – Editor’s Note {AOE & Speedy will get more value?} (All Bleed, +Armor Dmg)
  • Willbreaker – Most Chars. – Editor’s Note {Fast Critters for more Value?} (+Fury on Crit, +Crit Dmg%)
  • Peacekeeper – Nodo (Reach, Extra Stagger)
  • Ultimatum – Aegis (Taunt, Reflect Dmg+, Quickfire Light Attacks)


  • Debilitator – Spectre (Remove Buffs, Mark, +Dmg%)


  • Defiler – Dmg Dealers (+Dmg%, +Fury)
  • Zenith – Paragon, Spectre (Extra Stagger, Weaken Stagger Def)


  • Conquest – Support, Spectre (Mark, Weaken Def)
  • Seether – Support, Spectre (Fast Mover, Weaken Stagger Def)
  • Abomination – Damage, Spectre (Fast Mover, +Dmg%)


  • Maelstrom – Paragon, Archon, Spectre (Fast Mover, Extra Stagger)
  • Retribution – Paragon, Archon, Spectre (+Dmg%, Extra Stagger)
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