Space Crew – Tips & Tricks

May content some spoilers, read at your own risk.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Note: Credit goes to wurlde

To make your missions easier…

  1. Equip (when it appears) hand phasers to gunmen near alien entry point (rear and right, from the ships perspective)
  2. Equip (when it appears) all your crew with radiation dress (the yellow one)
  3. Equip (when it appears) all your crew with magnetic boots
  4. On launching, disable gravity before take off, even if you don’t have magboots yet, on alien boarding they will suffer delay, if you have magboots, fasmids will be ducks in a lake.
  5. Equip your ship with ballistic weapons, when you have PEM, you can shoot even incapacitated, you can take down up to 3 fighters in this time.
  6. PEM is one of your best friend, it will allow you to recover shields too.
  7. Always take the larger shield, not the faster recharge ones, EVADE, PEM, and RECHARGE will allow you to recharge them without problem.
  8. When you can choose reactor, choose the higher energy rates, when you have one of the largest, 2-2-4-0 will allow you long living and prosperity.
  9. At the beginning of your game, don’t be afraid, repeat easy missions, this will allow you to earn money and take reseach points.
  10. Switch tactics from DEFENSE to ATTACK and viceversa every 30-40s
  11. When a boarding ship comes to you, switch tactic, most of the time it will retreat, if not, EVASIVE MANEOUVRES before they reach you, that will prevent them from boarding most of the time.

That’s it, with these basics, with no hurry, you can finish the game without losing any crew member or ship in about 22-24h, maybe less.

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