SOLASTA Crown of the Magister – Infinite Gold

Solasta is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits edition.

The Method

Note: Credit goes to Hyoii

Now because the game is in early access as of mid Oct 2020, and there is no time limit—or at least what my fellow community members on discord tells me—you could go around bumping into random bandits and necromancers, or dare I say investigate incredibly dangerous and unexplored ruins filled with traps and dangers, all for the sake of gold.

However what if I told you that there is one spell that can completely promise you a life of luxury. That’s right, that spell is Goodberry. Normally the Goodberry spell produces 10 good berries which last for 24 hours, heals 1hp and can serve as rations. However as of early access, these berries last forever and have a value of 20 gold pieces.

Of course not everything is that easy as Goodberry is commonly accessible by ranger which is a half spellcaster, meaning you cannot cast this spell as much. Luckily this is where the game’s homebrew class comes into play, namely the wizard’s green mage archetype, here to solve world hunger. To fully maximize the potential of this method, make a solid party. In this example, I created a paladin, a dwarf wizard (could go sellsword for armor prof), a high elf wizard, and a halfling wizard (lowlife for that spicy thieves’ tool proficiency).

Who needs healing when you have endless amounts of Goodberry and you can give these pseudo healing potions to all of your party members? Alright, after the meeting with the council and taking a rest at the inn for that spicy level up, take the green mage specialization and start casting Goodberry with your entire party. Then talk to the innkeeper and rest. Rinse and repeat. If you for some reason get stuck, use the paladin to cast cure wounds on someone to free yourself. Each Goodberry cast sells at half value for 10gp per cast, with 3 wizards casting this spell, you have essentially 90-10gp for a profit of 80gp per day. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied.

Now that you have been gifted with the knowledge on how to solve world hunger in Solasta and earn infinite gold (as of Early Access Oct 2020), have fun in Early Access and keep finding those spicy things for the devs to see and improve the game for everyone to enjoy. Love you devs for creating this beautiful game.

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