Soccer Online: Ball 3D – 100% Full Achievement Guide

The objective of this guide is to explain how to get all the achievements of Soccer Online: Ball 3D.

How to Obtain All Achievements


For this guide, there are 8 achievements to unlock, which are very easy to get and I will explain how to get them below.


First Goal

  • Score your first goal.

Play in “Online” or “Vs Bots” mode and score a goal against your opponent team, the first goal.

Ball 3D Player

  • Play and finish a Ball 3D match.

Finish a normal game in “Online” mode. Normally it usually lasts approximately 6 minutes, depending on the score. I think this achievement is bugged when doing it from “Vs Bots”.


  • Score at least 3 goals in one match.

Play in “Online” or “Vs Bots” mode and score 3 goals against the opponent team.

The Winner

  • Win a Ball 3D match.

Win a normal game in “Online” mode. Make your team have the superior score to the opponent team to win. I think this achievement is bugged when doing it from “Vs Bots”.


  • Score a goal and catch other player with the UFO celebration.

Play “Vs Bots” mode and you have to make one of the opposing team called “Joe” score a goal, he has the UFO celebration. Don’t forget to start the “Vs Bots” game mode by pressing “Esc” and putting “Start Game”, otherwise the achievement will not be considered. This achievement can also be done in “Online” mode, but you need a lot of luck to find a player who has equipped that celebration.


  • Send some love to other players <3

Start a normal game in “Online” mode, within the game press “Esc”, you should get a tab with options and a chat in the center, to get the achievement you just have to write “<3” there. Don’t do it from the in-game quick chat, I think it’s wrong if you do it from there.

Will To Learn

  • Start the tutorial.

When you open the game for the first time you should get a quick tutorial, if it doesn’t, from the Start Menu press the “Tutorial” game mode and start it.


  • Finish the tutorial.

When you’re done doing the “Tutorial” mode you’ll be awarded the achievement, just follow the indications given during this quick walkthrough of the game.

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