No More Money – How to Change the Designations/Relationships Between Characters

This guide describes the way to change the “landlord/landlady” into whatever you want.

Guide to Change the Designations/Relationships Between Characters


This works with season 1. Cannot confirm if it works with season 2.

How to change the designations/relationships between character

  • Open the folder:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No More Money\game.
  • Locate the files “relationships.rpy” and “relationships.rpyc”. Copy those files to a backup folder.
  • Open the “relationships.rpy” file (I use notepad++).
  • You will see text like ‘define dad = “landlord”‘ (without ‘).
  • Change the text within the ” to whatever you want.
  • If you want you can just copy the name of the variable to the ” part. For example, if you want the “landlord” to be “dad”, change this ‘define dad = “landlord”‘ to ‘define dad = “dad”‘. And so on.
  • After changing what you want, save the file.
  • Go back to the folder and delete the file “relationships.rpyc”, as it will be recompiled when the game starts again.
  • If you have played the game after starting your PC and before this change then restart it.
  • Run the game and check if the file “relationships.rpyc” was created.


Before downloading any new season, restore the files you have backed up.

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  1. i clicked on the program file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No More Money\game.
    but i could not fined: “relationships.rpy” and “relationships.rpyc” in order to copy them, im not sure where to go from here? any help would be awesome

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