Shop Tycoon – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guide to 100% completion of Shop Tycoon.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Well I noticed there was no Guide to the achievements so I thought I’d write up a quick one so you knew how to obtain them or at least how I managed to obtain them!

The following achievements are easy to get as you play along, you can’t really miss them.

Achievement Guide


  • Have your first customer!

Welcome to the Gang

  • Meet the Bandytko gang, this will happen automatically on game start.

Car fleet

  • Have your first car arrive to the shop!


  • Buy a parking space on the left of your map!

Cash register

  • Buy a second cash register and clerk!

More stocks?

  • Buy stock in the back rooms and hire some stock clerks.

Bandytko robbery

  • Be robbed by the Bandytko, this will happen on its own usually if not then restrain from buying security until it happens as they will deter this from happening.


  • Get your first 100 customers!

First million is the hardest

  • Simply keep playing and learning the ropes and you’ll easily get this achievement as you play!

Complete the Game

  • Survive 15 years of the game!


  • Upgrade something as much as the game will let you and keep doing it until the game alerts you that you are bankrupt.

Airem Bank loan

  • Accept a Loan from Airem when you make yourself Bankrupt.


  • When you take out a loan with Airem don’t pay it back, let the time run out!

Bandytko loan

  • Accept a loan from Bandytko once you become bankrupt.

Don Bandytko

  • Forget to pay your loan back to Bandytko and they will pay you a very special visit.


  • This can only be obtained once you complete the game first, then all you do is open up a vodka store and you’ll receive this achievement instantly!


  • Max out every upgrade you can, buy all the marketing banners on the map and buy other properties, once your shop seems to be bustling and you’ve nothing more to really upgrade just go to your Sales and Announcements and activate every single sale/advert in those menus as fast as you can, you may need to do this a few times before it actually works but people should be running into your store from cars, streets and the buses.

I got this achievement on my 4th try doing the adverts/sales.


  • In your store you’ll begin to notice strange characters such as:
    • Alien
    • Batman
    • Spiderman
    • Swordsman
    • Limbo

And so on… personally I clicked them whenever I saw them and eventually I just got the achievement, but you’d probably get it without, but I can’t check if thats true, but it can’t hurt to poke them in the face for good measure..right?

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