Shatterline – How to Boost FPS

How to gain FPS?

Tips to Boost FPS

Boost FPS

Warning: Only do it if you have the proper knowledge, at your own risk!

I always make a habit of tweaking game settings in notepad, for smoother game performance. I don’t know if it will help you (do it if you want). If you are going to perform step 01, do it carefully.

Tip #1

The way: Go to the Disc where the Steam is > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Shatterline > Open the file “system_windows_pc” (without quotes) with Notepad.

Now that you’ve found the file “system_windows_pc” (without quotes):

Upon entering this file, you will find a part written like this:

  • –r_width = resolution of the game
  • –r_height = resolution of the game
  • sys_maxFPS = Number FPS

Okay! The settings should look exactly like this:

--r_width = 1024
--r_height = 768
  • After doing so, save the file and exit.
  • Before running the game, lower your monitor resolution to 1024×768.
  • Inside the game, go to settings and put “Borderless Window”.
  • When entering the game, the screen will be a bit cut off, but it will not interfere with the game (at least not mine).
  • Well, if you don’t like it, just change the resolution to one of the normal ones and apply it within the game.
  • Whether it works for you, I don’t know. But try it on your own free will. I did it without fear because of knowing how to solve it back, in case there are errors.

Tip #2

This one is simpler and doesn’t need to be in doubt, as it is a change within the game itself.

  • Go into game settings and change Shading to Low.
  • Still inside the game settings… apply “AMD FSR 1.0” (Choose “Ultra Quality”).
  • Still inside the game… if you want to remove those misaligned lines, activate FXAA (FXAA is optional).

This is already more than enough to run lighter.

Tip #3

  • If you have a video card (obviously you do) and know how to use the panel, you already know that leaving the settings to use fewer game resources already helps a lot.

Tip #4 (Plus) – Optional

  • Follow these directories: Steam > Steamapps > Common > Shatterline > Bin.
  • When opening the Bin folder, look for the Shatterline game executable and right-click on it.
  • When you right-click on it, go to “Properties”.
  • Go to “Compatibility”.
  • Check the box that says “Disable fullscreen optimizations”.
  • Still in “Compatibility”, go to Change high DPI settings.
  • Check the box that says “Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:” and choose “Application”.
  • After applying, you can leave the windows.

C’est fait! / È fatta! / It’s done!

Thank you for your attention!

Extra Help

  • Inside the file “system_windows_pc” (without quotes)…
  • I’ve adjusted the settings again and I’m between 91 and 127 (FPS).

It’s not for copying and pasting, just changing the values. That’s why I mention that modify if you have due knowledge. It is at your own risk!

Below I am putting the values of my settings as they currently are (the items below you will find when looking inside the file):

--r_width = 1024
--r_height = 768
--r_fullscreen = 0
sys_maxFPS = 0
r_ShadersAsyncCompiling = 1
r_ShadersAsyncActivation = 1
r_ShadersAsyncMaxThreads = 1
r_ShadersRemoteCompiler = 1
r_ShadersAllowCompilation = 1

— Spec level: 0 = auto, 1 = low, 2 = medium, 3 = high, 4 = very high. Autodetection not yet implemented for this platform.

r_GraphicsQuality = 1


r_shadersImport = 2
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