Shadows of Doubt – Guide to Contracts

Which contracts are worth your time? Find out here.

Introduction to My Way of Collecting Data

Let’s start this off by claryfing how the data I’m going to be showing was collected. I used 5 separate, level 0 saves. On each save, as soon as I started it, I begun running between five different job boards, picking each offer up until I got a 100 jobs on a save, then I hopped onto the next one.

I wrote down the job type, the fee, a synkdisk (if there was one offered), where I got the job and which of the saves it was in. I read the spreadsheet using python code and made some graphs using the seaborn library.

If anyone is interested in collection more data on higher social credit levels, or more data in general feel free to contact me.

That’s basically it, so onto the point.

Contract Pay

The first graph here show how often a contract with X pay has appeared for me. The red line is the amout a payment would be expected to show up, so jobs for 350 for example appear a lot more commonly than would be expected if the distribution was even. Jobs for 1200 on the other hand appear to be very rare. The green line shows an axpproximation of the average contract payout rounded to 50, due to the way values jump in game by 50.

When it comes to individual contract type based payments, this graph below show all the job types, along with the average pay for that type represented by a bar, and both lowest and highest values that job has offered with the black lines. The red line is the average pay. What we can see here for example is that humiliation jobs always pay below the average, stolen items always pay above, and cases of arrest are very varied in their possible rewards.

And to put along with the previous graph this one show how often job offers of a certain type appeared for me in my games, with the red line representing how often we would expect to see any contract type, so vandalism is way more common than expected, while infidelity is a lot less so.


From my calculations the average rate at which a synkdisk is offered as a reward is 23.4%. Most likely the actual odds are 25% with me just being unlucky, but with the data I collected this was the actual rate.

And here is a graph of which disks were the most and the least common rewards. #10 Sugar Daddy is obviously going to be missing as it can be only bought, however what I didn’t expect was not seeing disks 9,14,15 even once.

Disk #14 especially seems to be rare, as it’s the only disk I still don’t have on my main save (maybe it’s bugged, maybe I’m unlucky). The red line again represents how often we would expect a certain disk to appear.

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